Game of Thrones-Season 5-Epiosde 7

At the end of the sixth episode of season five of “Game of Thrones” I was ready to throw in the towel.


Part of me wanted to stop watching the show and cancel my subscription to HBO. However, I felt that I had made the commitment to blog about this show for the season so I needed to stick it out.

Last night’s episode was better but not great. I feel like there was just a general sloppiness going on that has marred the season as a whole.

The episode began at the wall. As Jon left to go on his mission to recruit and Wildlings he left the 1st commander in charge. Right before he leaves Sam gives Jon a piece of Dragon glass in case he has an encounter with any White Walkers.

After Jon leaves we see Sam and Gilly with Aemon who is really sick. It was really sad to see such an iconic figure slowly drifting way.

Like many people my biggest issue with episode six was the storyline at Winterfell. Following Sansa’s wedding night rape by Ramsay she is being kept locked in room. Theon/Reek brings her food and Sansa begs him for help. She urges Theon/Reek to remember who he really is and tells him about the distress signal that would save her. Before Theon/Reek even left Sansa’s room I knew he was going to tell Ramsay, which he did. I do believe a piece of Theon is still alive and but I think that even that piece is so scared of Ramsay that he won’t fight.

There was a brief shot of Brienne looking a Winterfell. I love Brienne but to be honest I don’t want her to rescue Sansa. I want Sansa to fight and rescue herself. I want her to empower herself. Unfortunately, I don’t think the producers and writers are interested in that.

Back at the wall Aemon calls out to his long dead bother, Aegon, before he dies. As Sam spoke in Aemon’s honor I cried. With Aemon’s death Dany is truly the only Targaryen left.


Returning to Winterfell there is a big inconsistency with Sansa. It seems like the producers and writers don’t know what to do with her. In one scene she is a big victim begging Thoen/Reek for help. Then in the next scene she toys with Ramsay basically saying that he’s a bastard and that Tommen is a bastard and that he’ll be nothing if Roose’s wife has a boy. She also grabbed something that she could use as a weapon. Will the real Sansa Stark please stand up?

Of course, the consistent thing is that Ramsay is a monster. After Theon/Reek told him about Sansa’s distress signal he had the woman who was going to help Sansa killed.

As Stannis prepares to attack Winterfell he is advised by Davos to wait. Stannis won’t hear any of it and refuses to go back to Castle Black and says they must push forward. The real kicker to this scene was when Melisandre basically told Stannis to kill his daughter so that they could use the royal blood that flows through her veins to take Winterfell from the Bolton’s. I didn’t hate Stannis and Melisandre when they had Renly killed with their shadow baby but this time Melisandre crossed a line for me. My husband said that a look of horror came over my face when Melisandre proposed this. I adore Shireen and I’m officially DONE with Melisandre.

At the wall Gilly is attacked and nearly rapped. Sam tries to help her but he real hero is Ghost. I love that that the once little dire wolf from the first season is still playing an important part in the story. Then after the attack Sam and Gilly have sex. As my husband said about Sam, “Bye-bye vows”.

Checking in with Tyrion and Jorah we see that Jorah is being sold into slavery. Tyrion knows he’s doomed if he’s separated from Jorah so he convinces the same guy who purchased Jorah to by him. How did he do this? In an amusing moment he beat the hell out of a guy with his own chain. It was classic scrappy Tyrion.

In Meereen, Dany and Dario are in bed. Dario proposes that Dany marry him. That, of course, doesn’t make any sense. Dany, like most royalty, must marry about of political necessity and not love.

The Queen in Thorns desperately tries to save her grandchildren in King’s Landing when she visits the High Sparrow. She calls him out as “a man of the people who does the Queen’s dirty work.” While his goals and Cersei’s goals align for a bit that doesn’t mean they’ll remain on the same side. He has a bigger goal in mind. He’s very French Revolutionesque when he says to her “You are the few. We are the many. When the many stop fearing the few…

Meanwhile, Tommen refuses to eat because he’s so frustrated that there is nothing he can do to save Margaery. Then again, I think he could do something. He’s just a weak leader. Yes, if he sent the King’s Guard in to get Margaery she might get killed but at least he would have tried something. He won’t ever accomplish anything because he’s unwilling to risk anything. When Tommen says he’ll got talk to the High Sparrow he is told not to by Cersei. She says she’ll do it for him.

In Dorne, Jamie is able to see Marcella. She wants to stay in Dorne and she correctly states that Jamie doesn’t know her. If I cared more about Jamie I might feel sorry for him. That is his daughter after all but I just don’t care about this storyline.


Bronn of the Blackwater is in prison in the cell next to the Sand Snakes. I’ve been pretty forgiving on all the female nudity on this show over the years but I really felt that when of the Sand Snakes basically striped to semi secede Bronn it was very gratuitous. Not much to stay except, tits everywhere!

Littlefinger and Queen of Thorns meet in the remains of his brother. I like seeing these two characters together but not much seemed to come out of this scene.

In Meereen, Dany is visiting one of the fighting pits. As luck would have it is the one that Jorah is going to fight at. When it becomes too much for Dany she wants to leave. Jorah rushes out to fight. This makes sense because he knows his only chance for survival is for her to see him. What doesn’t make sense is that Tyrion is the only person that chained up. If all these men who are going to fight aren’t chained up then why is Tyrion? This is the sloppiness I was talking about. Was Tyrion tied up simply so that we could see him desperately trying to saw through the chain? I didn’t create any suspense of me; it was just absurd…Anyway, when Dany sees Jorah she says to get him out of her sight. He pleads with her saying he has brought her the present. That present, of course, is Tyrion who introduces himself to Dany. I loved seeing these two characters meet. For so long Dany has been separated from the rest of the story and Tyrion is now her link. I am actually looking forward to seeing how they interact with each other.


The episode wrapped up in King’s Landing. Cersei visits Margaery in prison just to toy with her. I loved it when Margery told her, “Get out you hateful bitch”. I’ve seen Cersei smug so many times over the years but I don’t think she’s every looked more smug than when she left Margaery’s cell.

Then it all came crashing down for Cersei. When she visits the High Sparrow she realizes that she has spun the web of her own demise. It seems her former lover/cousin has told the High Sparrow about their relationship.


I was so upset at the end of episode six but when Cersei got hauled off at the end of episode seven I couldn’t have been happier.

There are three episodes left in the season. I still hate the Winterfell storyline and I’m bored with the Dorne storyline but if they can end the season on a good note I’ll come back from Season 6. If not…Well, I’ve abandoned shows I’ve cared about more in the past. Speaking of…Who knew “Grey’s Anatomy” is still on the air?

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