Game of Thrones-Season 5-Episode 6

There are times I wish my husband hadn’t read all of the books in “A Song of Ice and Fire”. It used to be because he always knew what was going to happen on “Game of Thrones” before I did but now it’s because of the issues he has with the changes that are being made from the books to the TV show. I kind of wish I didn’t know that certain things have been changed. Then again, I think no matter what I would have hatted the end of last night’s episode even if “Game of Thrones” wasn’t based on a series of books.


The episode began well enough with Arya in Bravos. She is washing another dead body. As she was washing the body I found myself asking two questions. One, is she ready to become nobody? And two, what does it even mean to become nobody? The other girl who is there won’t tell Arya what they do with the bodies. Then she tells Arya the story of how she had her stepmother killed and how she came to live in Bravos. Then she asks Arya if she is lying or telling the truth. The correct answer doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that Arya can’t tell. The other girl is just testing her and Arya has failed. The message I got from this test is that not only does Arya have to lie, she has to become such a good liar that not even she can tell if she is telling the truth or not.

Arya then has an encounter with Jaqen H’ghar. Arya recalls her life and her story of how she got to Bravos and the entire time she is doing this he hits her over and over. Why is he doing this? He says that he doesn’t believe that she wants to become no one. I don’t believe that either. I think that Arya so badly wants revenge for her family that she won’t be able to become no one because she won’t be willing to let that go.

The episode then moved to Jorah and Tyrion. As Jorah looked down at his greyscale the question that lingers is how much time does he have left? How much time does he have left before other people realize he has greyscale? And how much time does he have left before greyscale turns him into a stone man?

Jorah and Tyrion talk. Tyrion reveals to Jorah news about both of their fathers. He confesses that he killed Tywin. And then he reveals to Jorah that his own father has died.

Checking back in with Arya we see a shift in her. As a dying girl is brought in by her father who wants her suffering to end Arya is faced with an opportunity to become more that the no one is has been trying to become. Arya invents a story that comforts the little girl and convinces her to drink the poison water. As the little girl drinks and then dies Jaqen H’ghar watches. This is a key moment for Arya. She may not be ready to become nobody but her lie is good enough that the little girl believes it.

Jaqen H’ghar is convinced of a change in Arya too. He allows Arya to see the room of faceless men. It seems this is what they do with the dead bodies after they are washed. As Arya looked at the room full of faces I realized that the faces are how Jaqen is nobody.


That is how he is able to seemingly change identities. He has these countless faces at his disposal and he switches them out based on what his needs are. He tells Arya that she isn’t ready to become no one but she is ready to become someone else. But the question remains. Who is that someone else Arya is ready to become?

I believe that Tyrion will eventually meet Dany and they will unite into a powerful team but he certainly is taking a very complicated route getting there.


As we check back in with Tyrion and Jorah we see Tyrion questioning Jorah on what he sees for the future. If Dany is able to take back the Iron Throne what would happen next? He questions Dany’s claim to the throne. Tyrion makes some valid points but let’s be honest Tommen has NO claim to the Iron Throne and Tyrion knows this. That leaves Stannis as the choice. I can’t believe this is what Tyrion wants. Then again I don’t think Tyrion really cares about much of anything anymore so he’s probably just playing devil’s advocate. Tyrion’s journey to Dany then takes another turn as slavers capture him and Jorah. Tyrion convinces them to keep him and Jorah alive and to take them to Meereen to have Jorah fight in the newly reopened fighting pits. This is clearly a ploy to get to Dany where maybe, just maybe, she’ll save them.

In King’s Landing Cersei’s power grab is getting messy. As Littlefinger arrives he is greeted by Lansel. I find is so interesting that Cersei who has slept with both her brother and cousin is now using religion to take down her enemies. As Cersei and Littlefinger talk he reveals to her that he know where Sansa is. He tells Cersei that Sansa is going to marry Ramsay. I’m not really sure of what Littlefigner’s motivations are here. Prior to this season I believed that (although creepy) he genuinely cared for Sansa and wanted good things for her. I don’t really believe that anymore. I know he wants to put himself in the highest position of power possible but beyond that I don’t get it. I can see him pulling the puppet strings. I just have no idea what the puppet looks like or if the strings are even attached to anything.

My favorite part of the scene between Cersei and Littlefinger was when she called Lysa a repellent woman. That was really funny and true. However, over the years Cersei has been quite the repellent woman herself. In this scene I was also struck by the massive amount of anger that was pouring out of Cersei. She’s always been a bitch but I think her anger is about to destroy the lives of many people, including herself.

I’m not feeling the Dorne storyline. I get that Oberyn’s death was sad and shocking but he made the choice to be Tyrion’s champion. He showboated during the trial by combat and insisted on a confession from the Mountain instead of just killing him when he could have. I am no fan of the Lannisters but I think Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes are a little ridiculous in their quest for revenge. I also feel no emotional connection to Myrcella.


I really don’t care if the Sand Snakes kill her or if Jamie rescues her. The only reason I care about the Dorne storyline at all is because I love seeing the Water Gardens of Dorne. These beautiful gardens were filmed at the castle in Seville, Spain that I recently visited (Check out my blog on the day I visited this castle.


I really can’t get enough of seeing them and knowing I was there in real life. So as Jamie battled the Sand Snakes all I did was try to catch glimpses of the things I saw on my trip.


I was happy to see the return of the Queen of Thorns. I was really hoping she was going to be able to verbally destroy Cersei but she didn’t.


As she left her meeting with Cersei things were at a stalemate. I’m frustrated that when Tommen and the Queen of Thorns confronted Cersei they basically let her get away with her lame defense of “I didn’t have Loras arrested.” Then again I’m coming to believe that Tommen is the least effective King in the history of the Seven Kingdoms.

At the inquest into Loras’ homosexuality he is questioned about his relationship with Renly. The real key in Cersei’s web is when Margery is called to testify. As expected she lies to protect her bother but it backfires. When Olyvar is called her confirms Loras’ “perversions” and that Margaery knew. All of a sudden not only does Loras face a trial but Margaery does herself for bearing false witness before the gods.

In the first two seasons I hated Joffrey with the heat of a thousand suns. But I fully believe that Cersei is a thousand times worse than her bastard son ever was. Jofferey was a monster but nothing more or nothing less, he wasn’t complex, he was just evil. He didn’t claim to be doing awful things for the greater good and he didn’t claim to care about anybody but himself. Cersei does and I think that’s what makes her worse. With Margery facing a trial and possibly death I want nothing but the worse for Cersei from on out. I want Tommen and Marycella and Jamie to die. I want Cersei to witness all of their deaths and for her to truly face life alone without anybody and then and only then one of Dany’s dragon’s can torch her and eat her. Or maybe Arya can kill her. Either way in order for this bitch to suffer she can’t just die. She has to lose everything.

Then came Winterfell… I just can’t with this storyline. I used to hate Sansa, then I started to root for her but this show seems dead set on making me hate her again. As Sansa prepares for her wedding to Ramsay she is given a bath by Myranda. As Myranda washes Sansa’s hair she tries to scare Sansa by listing all of the different girls Ramsay has gotten bored with. The strong Sansa who I like responded by calling Myranda out and declaring, “I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home and you can’t frighten me.” This was the strongest I’ve ever seen Sansa and it made me happy. The strong Sansa remained as she told Theon/Reek that she doesn’t want him to touch her as she walks down the aisle. Theon/Reek begs her and says that Ramsay will punish him to which Sansa replied “You think I care what he does to you?” I loved this. Not because I want Theon/Reek to suffer further. Goodness knows he’s more than paid the price for his crimes. I loved it because Sansa was standing up for herself and fighting.

But the strong Sansa disappears as she weds Ramsay. After their wedding Ramsay wants to confirm that she’s a virgin which she promises she is. Then Ramsay’s “nice guy” routine disappears along with Sansa’s strength.


He insists that Theon/Reekstay in the room as Sansa loses her virginity. When Theon/Reek looks away because it’s too painful to watch Ramsay insists he look stating, “You’ve known Sansa since she was a girl. Now watch her become a woman.” Then Ramsay rapes Sansa. As Theon/Reek watches he cries and the episode ended.

Obviously I hate Ramsay. How can you not? What I HATE most of all is this storyline. My husband has told me it doesn’t happen in the books much makes me hate it even more. What is the point? Unless Sansa kills Ramsay and Roose Bolton herself I don’t understand why she needs to be married into the family that killed her brother and mother. If awful things are going to happen to Sansa I rather them happen with her fighting. Her passive manor has gotten her in this awful situation. She should have told Littlefinger she would not marry Ramsay. What would have Littlefinger done? Raped her? Forced her? She ended up getting raped anyway. At least she would have fought. She should have refused to actually marry Ramsay when the time came. What would Ramsay have done? Raped her? He raped her anyway. Beaten her up? Turned her I not the female version of Reek? I ‘m sure he wants to do that anyway. She should have tried to fight him off after their wedding? What the worse that could happen? All of Sansa’s actions have always been to not make waves. She’s lived to simply survive but it all seems so pointless now. Where has it gotten her? It has gotten her married to the bastard son of the man who murdered her brother and mother and raped on her wedding night. I don’t care if it gets her killed I want Sansa to fight. And why shouldn’t she fight now? This is now way to live. She has nothing left to loose.

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