Return to España Day 2-Beach Day

When my husband and I decided to return to Barcelona there was no question about where we were going to stay. We were going to return to the same hotel that we stayed at in 2011.


We absolutely love the hotel with its fantastic breakfast buffet, giant bathtubs and friendly staff.

When we woke up on our first full day in Barcelona we were happy to be back. However, my husband’s body had woken him up at six o’clock in the morning. We had been fortunate in the past visits to Europe to not really struggle with jetlag but because my husband didn’t really sleep on the flight from Los Angeles to London his body clock was way off. Luckily, we had designed our first full day in Spain to be a relaxing one.

After enjoying our return to the breakfast buffet (which was just as good as I remember it, except for the revolving door of sick people who seemed to enjoy coughing while they were serving themselves) we packed up our backpack to go to the beach. In 2011, we briefly went to the beach in the Barceloneta area of Barcelona. One of my musts for that trip was to put my feet in the Mediterranean Sea.


I got to fulfill that wish four years ago but this time we actually wanted to spend some real time at the beach.

Our hotel was just a short fifteen minute walk from a gay friendly, and clothing optional beach. But before actually leaving the hotel I wanted to check out the roof top swimming pool. I was very disappointed to find the pool was closed for repairs.


The closeness of the beach to our hotel was extra nice when I realized I had forgotten the sunscreen back in the room. Once we picked our stuff I hurried back to the hotel to get the sunscreen. We enjoyed two nice hours at the beach. I once again put my feet in the Mediterranean but my desire to fully get into the water went unfilled. It was just too cold.


It was my first time going to clothing optional beach. We figured why not enjoy the opportunity to sunbathe in our natural bathing suits so we just went for it. It was very liberating experience and it really made me think about how the United States is both obsessed with sex and very sexually repressed. Unfortunately, clouds soon rolled in and our relaxing time at the beach was cut a little but shorter than we would have liked.

After showering we headed out for lunch. We found a fantastic restaurant near our hotel (we ended up going there four times while we were in Barcelona). The staff was very friendly and the food was fantastic and incredibly priced. We both enjoyed a very large four course lunch for just fifteen Euros.


In respect we could have, and should have, split the lunch. It was more than enough food for me and my husband (who has a very sensitive digestive system) overate to the point that it caused some stomach issues. It was an interesting experience because you would never get such high quality food at such a great price at a restaurant located right to the beach in Los Angeles.

After lunch we got on the metro system for the first time. In 2011, we were both pretty inexperienced with Metros and never transferred trains while in Barcelona. But after spending time in Madrid, Paris and Berlin we felt like old pros upon our return to the Barcelona subway.

We went to the Barceloneta area. I wanted to do something we hadn’t had time for in 2011. I wanted us to ride a cable car across the Barcelona harbor and enjoy the city from above.


I had read that the cable car was open until 7:00, so you can imagine my surprise and disappointment upon our 5:45 arrival we were told we had just missed our chance. With a line that takes about an hour to get on the cable car we just missed the cut off. We had a backup plan to put the cable car on another day but all of a sudden that day was looking a lot more crowded. But what can you do? You have to roll with the punches.

As we worked our way back to the metro we stumbled across a cute little square we didn’t know existed.


We then headed toward the gay area of Barcelona, known as gayxample. We were a bit disappointed to find that a bunch of the cute little shops were closed (it was Palm Sunday after all). We were also amused by the sex shops that we came across. I don’t think of myself as a prude but these places seemed a little bit much for me.


 but we did hang out at a bar for an hour before grabbing some (so-so) tapas.

After dinner we went back to our room. It had been a fun and very relaxing day (good thing too because our next day was scheduled to be much busier).

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