Looking-Season 2-Episode 9

Last night’s episode of “Looking” began with Kevin looking for a new apartment.


After leaving Jon and staying with Patrick and Agustin it seems it is time for him to get his own place. Like their entire relationship the scene where they were looking at the new apartment was very cute…As long as you don’t dig one inch below the surface.

After Kevin told the woman who showed him the apartment that we wanted it the focus shifted to Patrick’s visiting mother. I was sad when Patrick mentioned the fact that Kevin is the first one of his boyfriends to meet his mom. This made me sad because that distinction was supposed to belong to Richie but it didn’t happen.   We only had one episode in season one with Patrick’s mom (Dana). This makes sense since she lives in Colorado and he lives in San Francisco. Despite the fact that we only saw her once in season one and now only once in season two it seems she (like Patrick’s entire family) casts a long shadow. In season one Agustin used her as an excuse to get under Patrick’s skin in regards to Richie. This clearly was a factor with how short Patrick was with Richie as they were headed to Patrick’s sister’s wedding. This blowup, of course, is what signaled the rapidly approaching end to Patrick and Richie’s dating relationship. Despite the mythology that had been built up around Patrick’s mom when we actually did meet her she didn’t seem as bad as Agustin made her out to be. Maybe she had been a total ice queen in Patrick’s childhood and maybe she had not been really supportive at all of Patrick’s sexual orientation but those things really seemed to be in the past. In season one as Patrick and his mom talked I got the sense that while she will never be a big PFLAG type of mom she really has tried her best to be accepting and loving to her son.

But more one Patrick’s mom later, the unraveling of the Dom and Doris relationship was up next. Over the course of the last few episodes it has been clear that these two were headed for trouble. Somehow, for better or worse, the two had managed to keep the amazing fag/fag hag relationship strong much longer than most. However, even before Doris’ father died her relationship with Malik was causing a rift between them. After Doris told Dom that she was going to give him her inheritance money so he could open his Peri Peri Chicken window he went full steam ahead with his place. He quit his job and maxed out his credit cards. The problem when you max everything out is you have no room for error and when Doris brings word that her uncle in contesting the will it spells disaster. Dom was clearly, and understandably, upset but he unfairly directed all of his anger at Doris.


In reality it was not her fault. Who Dom should have been mad at was himself and the situation. When Dom lashed out at Doris it’s obvious he’s not just upset about the money. He’s upset because he feels abandoned because of her relationship with Malik. One need look no further than the beginning of the scene when Dom throws Doris a passive aggressive remark about finally showing up even before she reveals the bad news about the money…Dom does make a one good point in this scene though. Money between friends and family is usually a bad combination.

At a dinner with Patrick, Kevin and Dana things go relatively smoothly. Dana tryies her best and everybody is nice to each other. It was especially amusing to see her play around with Patrick and Kevin’s app. Her line of “So, that’s a leather daddy?” was beyond priceless and it really spoke to how hard she’s trying to understand and be accepting of her son. Yet, like all of the characters on this show Dana is a complicated woman. Sure, she’s being nice to Kevin and supportive of Patrick but we find out that she certainly has her own agenda. The first of which is that she wants her children to make up. Patrick’s sister Megan is upset with the whole Patrick and Kevin thing because her husband is best friends with Jon. Dana basically tells Patrick that he has to join her and Megan at the zoo the next day so they she can help them come to a peace agreement.

For whatever reason in the dinner scene I knew that Dana was going to admit to marriage problems of her own at some point in the episode. Maybe it’s because she was so understanding of the Kevin and Patrick situation or maybe it’s because of her comment to Kevin that “it’s always a bumpy ride” or maybe it was when she asked Patrick if he and Kevin had said “I love you yet” because “That’s always a thing”. Whatever the case I knew that something else going on with her other than her Christmas shopping trip to San Francisco.

The next morning before meeting his mom and sister at the zoo Patrick joins Kevin in his mattress shopping trip. On a personal level I found it amusing that Kevin was shopping for a sleep number bed because my husband and I have a sleep number bed.


In terms of the dramatics of the show this scene was important because Kevin asks Patrick to move in with him. How you interpret this scene really depends on if you’re Team Kevin or Team Richie/Team Patrick stop making mistakes. If you’re Team Kevin I’m sure you were over the moon at this scene. Kevin asked Patrick to move in with him! Kevin really does love Patrick! See, he’s not just a cheater! I’m sure the Team Kevin people were all shouting phrases like the from the rooftops. However, as a Team Riche/Team Patrick stop making mistakes person myself I found that this scene revealed a much deeper and darker truth about Kevin. What in the world is Kevin doing asking Patrick to move in with him when he just moved out of his place with Jon? You don’t do that. What kind of co-dependent mess is Kevin that he can’t bear the thought of living by himself for a little bit as he and Patrick really explore their dating relationship? Like so many things in the Kevin and Patrick storyline it seemed like Kevin asking Patrick to move in with him was way too much and way too soon.

At the homeless shelter Eddie is upset because the artist that was supposed to paint a mural has backed out. As soon as this happened I knew that Agustin would end up doing the mural himself. It was way too obvious to not see coming. As expected, Eddie insists that Agustin do it and Agustin reluctantly agrees. This scene was also worth noting because Agustin did ask Eddie some questions about side effects as he considers going on PrEP.

At the Zoo Megan is all kinds of passive aggressive to Patrick.


Patrick is completely caught up in his whirlwind romance with Kevin and somebody did need to serve as a counter balance to that but I did find the way that Megan approached him to too harsh. Yes, Patrick should be called out on his shit. Yes, he should be aware of the damage he has done to Jon. Yet, it seemed as though there was much more going on with Megan. Something that, dare I say, was a mutated form of homophobia. With zings at Patrick that gay guys are always watching their weight or that it’s not fair that Patrick doesn’t have to give their parents grandchildren I found her comment way under the belt. Isn’t it a total judgement of being gay to throw those stereotypes at her brother? I’m sure Megan would never think of herself as anti-gay but her behavior towards her brother really does show a resentment that I think does exist among some straight people; a resentment that gay people can have a freedom to invent their own rules and not have to conform to societal norms. Yes, straight people can break free of these rules but I think that it’s much more difficult to do so. Besides Megan seems to be a person who has lived her life by those rules expecting to be rewarded and praised for it every step along the way.

At a coffee shop where Eddie and Agustin are talking about the mural drawing done by one of the trans kids at the shelter there was a transformational moment for me in regards to Agustin. All season long I haven’t really bought he Agustin redemption arc.


Yet, when Frank shows up something changed in the way I view Agustin. There was something about the interaction between Agustin and Frank that showed how much Agustin has tried to change. For Agustin to be so aggressively confronted with his mistakes from season one and to see the look of pain and sadness and regret in his face was enough make me care about him for the first time. Frankie J. Alvarez has done a great job of showing the bitchy side of Agustin but in this episode he got to really add an extra layer of depth. I was very impressed.

The Dom and Doris relationship hit a new low when Dom showed up at their apartment with a peace offering of frozen yogurt. Over the twenty plus years that they’ve been friends I’m sure they have had tons of fights and I’m sure every time Dom has brought Doris frozen yogurt in the past it has ended in a heart to heart where they make up but not this time. This time Doris lays it all out on the table. She has been by his side for twenty years supporting him and being there for him. Yet, now that she’s with Malik she still has the need to put him first and it’s not working anymore. Dom and Doris have been living a twenty something life into their forties and Doris wants to move on. It was a scene that has been coming all season but it was a devastating one. The gay gay/ straight girl relationship can be a magic one but it really is one that has a limited shelf life and when that expiration date comes it can be beyond devastating for one or both of the people involved. I really felt for both Dom and Doris in this scene. I also thought his was a really well written scene because there was a subtext that not only has Doris been supporting Dom for twenty years she has been hanging onto her romantic love for him all that time as well.

Back at the Zoo, Dana drops the bomb on Patrick and Megan that she is thinking of leaving their father. Apparently, she has started an emotional affair with somebody else. There was so much in this scene. There was the devastation of two adult children dealing with the prospect that their parents probably won’t stay married till death do them part. As somebody whose parents separated at 12 and divorced at 15 I don’t really have any sympathy for people whose parents split when they are adults. The fact is by the time you’re an adult, especially and adult the age of Patrick and Megan, your parents’ marriage really isn’t any of your concern. Their relationship is not about you. I think for Megan who wants to believe that life is all black and white the revelation that both her brother and mother aren’t up to her moral code it truly devastating. And for Patrick he gets to see a mirror of his own relationship with Kevin. I thought this was really well written scene; one that pushes Patrick’s decision later in the episode in regard to his future with Kevin.

Back at the shelter Agustin and Eddie talk about the run in with Frank. After trying to play it casual Eddie is upset that Agustin introduced him to Frank as his friend. Yet, as Agustin points out he can’t have it both ways. As I mentioned earlier I had questioned Agustin’s actions for most of the season and I wasn’t fully convinced of his feelings towards Eddie, until now. When they officially become boyfriends I was brought to tears. This scene totally sealed the deal for me with these two. Forget Patrick and Kevin or Patrick and Richie the couple I’m rooting for now is Agustin and Eddie.

Right before Dana leaves San Francisco she and Patrick have a nice talk. I liked this scene because it showed how much Dana does try with Patrick and how complicated both of their lives are. What was sad about this scene was that mother and son don’t say they love each other. There was a moment after Dana got in the car to go to the airport where it looked like Patrick wanted to stop her and tell her that he loved her but he didn’t.

The episode ended with Patrick going up to Kevin’s new apartment and telling him that he wants to move in with him and spend Christmas together.


Once again I’m sure the Team Kevin people are jumping for joy but I wasn’t. Again, I really believe it’s all too much, too soon. Earlier in the episode Dana mentions that Megan has only been married for three months. That, of course, means that it had been three months since Kevin first kissed Patrick at the wedding reception. I’m sorry, I think moving in together after three months would be way too fast even if Patrick and Kevin’s relationship hadn’t begun in the messy way that it did.

It seems to me that Patrick and Kevin are headed one of two ways; happily every after or down in flames. Given the fact that next week is, hopefully, the season finale and not the series finale my money is on down in flames. Something is going to go horribly, horribly wrong that is going to, fingers crossed, set up season 3.

Speaking of next week’s episode…Will it be a season finale or a series finale? I’ll keep checking for word on renewal but my guess is it won’t come this week. If HBO is going to renew the show I can wait but if they are going to cancel it I want them to cancel it this week. That way if it’s over I can enjoy Sunday’s episode as the last episode and not go into the spring hoping for more only to get disappointed down the road.

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