Looking-Season 2-Episode 8

I used to hate having TV shows to watch on Sunday nights because I felt like they kept me home on the last bit of my weekend. However, all day long yesterday I couldn’t wait for episode 8 of “Looking” and once again it did not disappoint.


I feel like the Kevin and Patrick storyline can be viewed through two lenses. In one you see this couple who clearly have AMAZING chemistry and are really HOT together. They just had a few roadblocks to overcome. Now that they have gotten past the early bumps that were in their road there is nothing to keep them from being happy together. Yet, the other view is the full-fledged honest view. You have two people who work together. In the early days of them knowing each other one of them is in a long term relationship (as is the boss) and the other one is starting to see somebody. A flirty relationship begins between them (which in itself is questionable). Then before you know it they are having sex on the office floor and both of them are cheating on respective guys. Over the next few months they have a hot affair. The one who is “the other woman” forces the hand of the one in the long term relationship. After the one it the long term relationship broke up with his boyfriend (who moved from Seattle to San Francisco for him) they are going to give their relationship together a chance.


The question of if you’re #TeamKevin or #TeamRichie or just #TeamPatrickGetYourShitTogether depends on which lens you choose to see their relationship though…Are you a romantic/denier? Or are you a realist/judger? I get why people are #TeamKevin but I am not. I’m not even sure I’m team Richie at this point either. I’m starting to feel like Patrick doesn’t deserve Richie.

Last episode ended with Patrick getting what every “other woman” wants, the guy saying he left the longtime love to be with him. This episode picks up about two weeks later. Kevin and Patrick are clearly still burning hot. Kevin is staying/living with Patrick. Their interaction together is cute. Regular couple’s issues like morning breath and a breakfast in bed gone array come up. I could really appreciate Patrick’s disaster when he dropped the coffee and cereal as he was trying to surprise Kevin because I’m a big klutz myself. I’ve always felt I have a lot in common with Patrick. I feel like as two former fatties from Colorado we have a connection. (And I wonder if that’s why I get so annoyed with Patrick’s self-sabotage and lack of confidence issues, because I know what that can do to your life).

In the kitchen following Patrick’s disaster dropping the coffee and cereal I found a few things interesting. Agustin throws Kevin some shade about how long he’s going to stay at the apartment. I found it interesting because of Agustin’s past actions of being a basket case and how as recently as episode 6 it was referenced that Agustin was not paying Patrick any rent. I also think that Agustin does not like Kevin. I think his attitude towards Kevin speaks to the fact that he does not trust Kevin and did not like the whole affair situation. Agustin may have bit his tongue for the sake of his friendship with Patrick but doesn’t mean that he’s okay with Kevin and how his relationship with Patrick started. In this scene I also found it interesting that Patrick was pushing Kevin on the status of the openness of their relationship by insisting on wearing Kevin’s sweater to the office. Patrick seemed hell-bent on letting everybody in the world know they were a couple. It speaks to how much tunnel vision Patrick still has in regards to their relationship. He still doesn’t see how inappropriate it is that he is dating his boss. And obviously he feels that just because Kevin has broken up with Jon nobody should question when and/or how they got together. Obviously, Patrick sees his relationship with Kevin through the more simplistic lens I described earlier.

When Patrick and Kevin arrive at the office the cat officially comes out of the bag.


In a meeting they reveal to several of their co-workers that they are now dating. As expected, Patrick’s friend Owen and the other co-works have reactions ranging from surprised, to a bit betrayed to angry. This reaction was completely expected. I especially feel that Patrick owed more to Owen. Although Owen is very much a secondary character it’s clear he and Patrick are friends who have known each other for a while. If I was Owen I would be very upset for a couple reasons. One, that my friend would keep something so big from me. And two, because I’d be worried my friend would not be getting preferential treatment from my boss.

After the meeting Patrick and Kevin meet for lunch on the roof and discuss the situation. Apparently, one of the co-workers went to HR right after the meeting. Kevin is clearly comfortable keeping secrets (as witnessed by the affair) but I’m actually kind of in his corner on this one I feel like it was a little too early to have the romance made public to the co-workers. Patrick, once again, seems to just be focused on his own happiness. He doesn’t care that he’s kind betrayed his friend and lost the trust of his co-workers, just as long as he’s got his man. Patrick also mentions that his sister his blaming him from Kevin and Jon’s breakup. Based on the previews this looks like it will be something that will become a big issue next week.

Meanwhile, following the death of Doris’ dad and the promise of the gift of her inheritance money Dom is moving full steam ahead with opening up his Peri Peri Chicken Window. In a major warning sign he says that he’s quit his job and maxed out his credit cards. Doris, on the other hand, is moving forward with her relationship with Malik. As Dom is discussing his chicken window with them he mentions that he will need Doris’ help installing the water filtration system. When she says she can’t help him because she’ll be with Malik at a family function you see the eternal struggle of the fag/fag hag relationship unfold. Should Doris not join her boyfriend just to say and help out her gay? Of course not, but that doesn’t mean that like many a gay guy before him Dom won’t feel left behind. These two have kept their beautiful fag/fag hag relationship going longer than most but it seems that they are headed for the major (and often very painful) change that that relationship often goes through.

In the middle of their affair Patrick and Kevin designed an APP together and they have decided to unveil it at a convention called GaymerX. When Patrick and Kevin first arrive at the convention they find they are a bit unorganized and scramble to get set up. What I liked about the first scene at the convention was Patrick’s interaction with a gay guy in a wheelchair. If there was ever any doubt that bitches and assholes come in all shapes and sizes that guy put end end to those doubts.


I found the release of their app to be a good metaphor for their relationship. Both are revealed to the world a bit too early. And Patrick is the one who pushes both of them to be birthed prematurely. Again, I realize I’m come off as very critical of Patrick this week but I do think both Kevin and the APP speak to how much Patrick wants things to be a certain way, even if that’s not the reality.

One of the many things that has been interesting about this season is that I feel like Patrick has become less likeable (I don’t hate him. I understand good characters are complex and not always likeable) while Agustin has become more likeable.

Speaking of Agustin…When we first see him in this episode he is having sex (as a bottom with Eddie). Obviously, we know that Eddie is H.I.V. positive and that they are dating but we hadn’t seen a sex scene with them yet. At the end of the day a positive guy dating a negative guy is a complicated situation and Agustin and Eddie are forced to really face it in this episode. Agustin asks Eddie to cum on his chest but some of Eddie’s cum gets in Agustin’s eyes. If two negative people were dating this would be annoying. Certain things just don’t feel good in your eye but the complexity of their situation makes Agustin freak out a little bit. After leaving Eddie’s Agustin meets up with Dom who is busy trying to install his water filtration system on his own. Even though Agustin is more likeable this season he is still often selfish. It’s clear he’s just at the location of Dom’s chicken window to get advice instead of helping Dom out. Dom points out the obvious that Agustin might not be as equipped as he had wanted to be to date somebody who is H.I.V. positive…I had been wondering when this show would truly tackle the complexity of their relationship. Should Agustin go on PrEP? Even if he is on PrEP is he truly able to handle dating a Poz guy? These are important questions that need to be answered.

Back at GaymerX the real drama begins to unfold when Patrick and Kevin find that Richie and Brady have shown up at the convention. Patrick has been so very sure that he wanted the world to know that he was officially with Kevin now but when we find out that he hasn’t told Richie yet it reveals a lot. When the one person that doesn’t know you’re in a relationship is your ex is speaks to that fact that you want the person to be your plan B and let’s be honest Richie is Patrick’s plan B. Kevin and Richie haven’t interacted much in the history of the show but in this scene it’s clear that Kevin is marking his territory and claiming Patrick as his own. Richie is, obviously, really upset that Patrick is back with Kevin. As upset as Richie is it’s clear he’s trying to be classy and go with the rule that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. However, it’s bitchy Brady who puts Patrick and Kevin on blast by stating that Patrick is home wrecker gay…as bitchy as Brady’s comment was it was the truth.

Patrick next surprises Kevin with the fact that he’s gotten them a hotel room at the location of the convention and that he’s brought suits for them for the gay prom. As I often do, I felt this this scene would be really sweet if Patrick and Kevin were a couple that had begun in a clean way. But their start was so messy I can’t help but believe their ending will be messy as well.

At the homeless shelter Agustin and Eddie discuss Agustin’s freak out.


I both liked and disliked this scene. I liked it because it dealt with the massive prejudice that Eddie has faced as a big poz man. What I didn’t like about this scene was how it was against West Hollywood gays. I’ve never lived in West Hollywood but I’ve lived in Los Angeles for thirteen and a half years. The fact is that anybody who sees L.A. as a superficial is very superficial themselves. I’ve had the privilege to work in parts as the city as diverse as Beverly Hills and Santa Monica to Watts and East LA. If you want to get know the real L.A. and the real gays of L.A. don’t be so narrow minded and only look at one part of it.

As the episode once again returns to GaymerX we see Patrick and Kevin enjoying the perfect gay prom. They dance fast, they take silly pictures and they dance slow. When they are dancing slow Patrick catches Richie looking at them. Patrick turns his head so that he can’t look see Richie anymore and continues to dance with Kevin. Richie meanwhile continues to stare at Patrick and Kevin with a combination of anger and hurt. Is Richie upset because he wanted Patrick back? Probably. Is he hurt because he now knows that Patrick cheated on him with Kevin before they were officially over? For sure. Is he upset that his friend is back with a cheater? Absolutely. I think there is too much going on with Richie to make any one of those questions the answer that sums it all up.

Before the night at GaymerX wraps up we see Dom in the awful situation of feeling abandoned by Doris. As the scene played out I wanted to be able to tell Dom to let her go. It’s time for Doris to have a life of her own. That’s easier said than done. It can feel like the ultimate betrayal when your fag hag abandons you for a more traditional life but it almost always happens, for better or worse.

After the gay prom there is the double date from hell. Brady is super drunk and it forces certain things to come to light. Thinking that he needs to throw up Brady asks Kevin to take him to the bathroom because Richie is judging him and Kevin sounds like Mary Poppins. This allows Patrick and Richie the chance to talk alone.


In a TMI moment Patrick tells Richie that Kevin was waiting for him outside of his door (like Richie once had) and that he decided to go for it (unlike he did with Richie). I feel like this shows a completely lack of awareness on Patrick’s part. I can’t think of a more hurtful way for him to describe why he got back with Kevin to Richie. When Brady and Kevin return form the bathroom Brady spills the beans…Richie has confided in him that Patrick is a 13 year old girl who is scared of his virgina, clearly a reference to Patrick’s bottom shame issues with Richie. This scene reveals so much. I speaks to the fact that Richie isn’t perfect. He is judgmental and he clearly talks to Brady about Patrick…a lot. Patrick still isn’t aware of how much hs relationship with Kevin has affected other people and last, but certainly not least, Brady is a nasty bitch who thinks his funny but isn’t.

The episode wraps up with Patrick and Kevin enjoying a romantic evening in the hotel where GaymerX was held. The big moment here is when they each say “I love you”. That of course is a big moment in any relationship and I’m sure all the #TeamKevin people were over the moon.

There are two episodes left in the season…and possibly the show itself…The ratings have been way, way down this season. At first I wondered if it was because “Looking” was no longer getting the lead in audience form “Girls” but now I’m wondering if people don’t like the affair/Kevin storyline. I keep equating “Looking” to “Sex and The City”…Patrick is Carrie, Kevin is Mr. Big and Richie is Aidan…Carrie ended up with Mr. Big and maybe that’s who she deserved but there is no doubt Aidan was the nicer guy.

As frustrated as I get with Patrick I love this show and I want it to keep going. It’s sad to think there may only be one hour left in its entire run. Just in case the writers better make these last two episodes count.

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