Looking-Season 2-Episode 7

One thing I’ve really liked about last night’s episode of “Looking” was that it picked up the morning following last week’s episode.


I enjoy how the show has done this twice this year. It was done with the transition from episode 3 to episode 4 and now with the transition from episode 6 to episode 7. I think it gives a nice flow, espeicaly following the such dramatic events as Kevin sneaking off in the middle of the night to call Jon and Patrick’s meltdown at his Halloween party.

The episode began with Patrick, Dom, Agustin and Doris having breakfast the day after the Halloween party. As expected, Patrick was very hung over after his go for broke drunken night.


The playful fun breakfast was intrupted by Doris’ aunt informing her that her dad had passed away. The way that Doris reacted to text message about her dad felt very real for that character. Since her father died of a heart attack the death was unexpected. It seems people react to unexpected death in two different ways. They either fall to pieces or they are in shock. Doris was very much in shock. She kind of shook her head and wondered why she hadn’t gotten her coffee yet.

I really enjoyed how last night’s episode was very focused on Dom and Doris and was, for the most part, a little breather from Patrick’s relationship drama.

It has been previously established on the show that Dom and Doris were from Modesto, California. Although Modesto is less than a hundred miles from San Francisco last night’s episode showed how that distance may as well be a thousand miles for how different the two cities are.

Doris and Dom hit the road to attend her dad’s funeral with Patrick in tow. As they are driving from San Francisco to Modesto Patrick thanked Doris for letting him come even though he didn’t know her dad. Patrick was using the trip to Modesto to put some distance between him and all of his Richie and Kevin drama. Doris seemed very thankful to have to two gay boys with her. It was clearly the support she needed because she mentioned that Malik offered to go with her and she said no. One thing I loved about Doris on the drive to Modesto was how she was emotionally eating gummy worms. I loved this because for some reason when I’m stressed out I find the act of eating gummy worms very soothing.

I also enjoyed that Doris wanted to swim in the pool of a specific motel in Modesto. I could very much relate to this. When I was growing up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado there was a hotel that I always wanted to stay in. As an adult I’ve now stayed in that hotel twice when I’ve returned to visit. It really is nothing special but I could totally relate to how something as silly as a hotel or a swimming pool becomes something you’ve always wanted to experience when you aren’t from a big city.

When they arrived in Modesto their first stop was the funeral home. Again, I could relate to this. It is very surreal to return home and have your first stop be a funeral home but that is what happens sometimes. Doris’ wish to want to see her fathers body and then not want to see it before finally wanting to see it felt very real to me.


Seeing the body of a loved one who has passed away is never easy. However, when it is your last chance to see their body it’s also difficult to choose not to see it. Doris’ reaction her the amount of makeup that had been placed on her father was amusing.

After leaving the funeral home Dom wanted to take Patrick and Doris somewhere. It turns our where he wanted to take them was his father’s old Portuguese diner that had since been turned into a very successful doughnut shop. This was clearly an emotional experience for Dom. I could also relate to this. My mom used to be a florist and she once had her own flower shop for two years. Whenever I return to my hometown I drive by the place where her flower shop was and remember that brief moment in time when she was living her dream. Dom is clearly carrying around some guilt about the fact that his father’s restaurant didn’t make it.  Dom’s extreme reaction to this explained a lot about his desire to open his chicken window. It’s not just that Dom wants to be more than a waiter, it’s about him wanting to succeed where his father failed. In other words it’s all because of his daddy issues.

Next Doris finally got to swim in her dream swimming pool. It was cute to see Patrick question Dom and Doris about their youth. Their history of their sexual relationship was brought up.
There have been so many times over he course of this show that I’ve thought that Doris is still in love with Dom and this episode only reinforced that view.

The next stop for our trio was a Modesto gay bar. I was amused with this bar. I’ve been to a few hole in the wall gay bars in Colorado and they look just like the bar in his episode. They are nothing compared to gay bars in big gay cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco but they are important for the LGBT communities in smaller places. I especially loved that the drag queen that was going to perform was named Kitty Leukemia. It was while they were at the bar that a reminder of Patrick’s romantic drama was brought back into the show. As he was sitting with Doris at the bar he got a phone call from Kevin. He ignored the call but it was a reminder of the drama that would be waiting for Patrick back in San Francisco.

The next day was the funeral for Doris’ father. Doris’ aunt (brilliantly played by the underrated Mary Kay Place) gave a beautiful speech. The speech really gave the viewer a sense of who Doris’ father was and how much he loved her. I am so glad that Doris has gotten more screen time this season. She not only provides a lot of comic relief she is the important token fag hag. What is a gay show without a fag hag?

For some reason Patrick was over come with emotion at the funeral. Clearly all of the drama with Kevin and Richie and the affair and Jon has gotten to him.


At the reception following the funeral the show continued to do a great job of showing what it’s like to go home when you’ve moved away to the big city. At one point Doris says that she needs to stay hi to come cousins because the next time she’ll see them is probably when somebody else dies. Sadly, anybody who has moved away starts to feel that way once you start getting older. It was also interesting to see Dom come out to a classmate from High School. It’s a funny experience for any gay man. You can live a very out life but that doesn’t mean certain situations don’t present themselves where you have to come out all over again. I don’t think straight people can ever understand how coming out really is a life long process.

After Dom caught up with Patrick and Doris he lamented the fact that he never came out to this father before his father died. He asked if they could go back to the cemetery so he could go by his father’s gave before they headed back to San Francisco. Patrick and Doris, of course, said it was okay. At the cemetery Dom couldn’t find his father’s grave. So instead of telling his father’s grave that he was gay he yelled out the car window that he was gay to the entire cemetery. It was an amusing moment that was jarringly interrupted when Dom’s car got sideswiped by a truck. That moment really left me in shock.

After the accident Dom and Doris talked at the hospital while Patrick (who was driving) was getting treated. Doris revealed to Dom that her father left her some money and that she wanted to give it to Dom so that he can open his chicken window. It was an amazing moment. I haven questioned whether it’s healthy for Dom and Doris to still be playing Will & Grace in their 40s but at the same time I admire their relationship. So many gay guy/fag hag relationships fall apart as people reach their 30s. It was so touching when Doris said “There is nobody I’d rather invest in”. She may still love Dom in a romantic way, for better or worse, but there is no doubt that Dom does love her to that maximum limits that platonic love can reach. I’ve also worried that Doris’ love for Dom has prevented her, and will prevent her, from having a solid long term romantic relationship (It is worth pondering if their relationship is holding Dom back too). However, I don’t feel as worried about this after last night’s episode. Malik showed  up at the hospital and Doris allowed herself to cry in his arms. I believe it’s possible for Doris to find the right balance between her great friendship with Dom and her blossoming romantic relationship with Malik. I just hope that’s what happens.

The episode ended with Malik driving Doris, Dom and Patrick back to San Francisco. In a similar situation to the season finale of season 1 Patrick finds somebody waiting for him outside of his apartment. Except it’s not Richie, this time it’s Kevin. Kevin mentioned to Patrick the he called him and he’s left Jon. Before Kevin could even finish asking Patrick if he wanted to give them a shot Patrick answered with an enthusiastic yes and they shared a passionate kiss.

For anybody who is on Team Kevin I’m sure this was a great moment but I felt uneasy about the whole thing. Can Patrick ever really trust Kevin given the way they started? If Kevin cheated on Jon what is to say Kevin wouldn’t cheat on Patrick? There is no doubt these two have an amazing chemistry together.


I am very interested to see how things will progress as these two become official. Will their flame continue to burn bright or was the illicitness of their affair what kept things hot?  Then there is the Richie factor. Just because Patrick and Kevin don’t have to sneak around anymore doesn’t mean the Richie dynamic will go away. Will the fact the Patrick is actually with Kevin now allow him to finally put his feelings about Richie behind him. And what about what Richie feels? Is he with Brady because he really likes him or because he can’t bring himself to trust Patrick again. Will Richie be kicking himself for not making a move before Patrick and Kevin got back together?

I guess we’ll see in the last three episodes of the season (at this point I’m worried about there being a season 3)

One additional note. In episode 5 I really liked the scene between Kevin and Jon when Patrick wasn’t present. I was really hoping that if Kevin and Jon did break up it would happen on camera. I feel like the show really missed a great dramatic scene by having it take place off camera. I also feel like it did the character of Kevin a big disservice. With the exception of that one scene in episode 5 all of the Kevin scenes over two seasons have involved Patrick. I really feel like if we are to truly root for Kevin we need to have a sense of who he is away from Patrick. Our view of Kevin is almost completely through Patrick’s eyes but who is the real Kevin? The show blew a major opportunity to show us.

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