Looking-Season 2-Episode 3

I had no problem with the slow burn that was season one of “Looking”.


However, even I have to admit that the drama filled season two has me more hooked than ever. One of the things I’ve always liked about “Looking” is how it shows the good, the bad and the ugly of gay life.

Last night’s episode began with Patrick grabbing Kevin’s ass at work. Everybody was focused on a colleague’s birthday celebration and nobody saw but Patrick’s actions speak to the recklessness with which both of them are approaching their affair. It almost seems they want to get caught.


After sneaking away from the birthday party Kevin tells Patrick they are going to have an entire day together because his boyfriend, Jon, is going to be away. It turns out Patrick has already made plans to attend Dom’s rugby game but Kevin agrees to tag along “as a friend”.

As much as I’ve enjoyed season two I’ve missed Richie. There hasn’t been nearly enough of the cute Mexican. The only bit we got to see with Richie this week was when Augustin brought him a bunch of tamales as a thank you for rescuing his drugged ass from the street. The scene with Richie and Augustin was interesting because it was clear Augustin was trying to connect with Richie as a Latino. This is very much the opposite of episode six of last year when Augustin refused to speak Spanish to Richie. What I liked about this scene is that Richie let Augustin have it for what a dick he was to him when he was dating Patrick. Then Richie asked the question many (but not myself) have asked. Is Augustin in love with Patrick? The answer is no, which means Augustin was an asshole to Richie for no reason. That, of course, seems to be standard operating procedure for Augustin. He’s an asshole for no reason.

Back at Dom and Doris’ apartment we learn that Doris has hooked up with her new guy that she met in episode two. I adore Doris and I laughed so hard when she got into bed with Dom and Lyn with only a sheet covering her. What was interesting about Doris and her new guy was that he asked her why she and Dom are still doing the roommate thing at 40ish. That’s a good question. How have Dom and Doris managed to keep the fag and fag hag thing going for so long when so many fag hags ditch their gay buddies as soon as it’s time to have babies? Will their relationship shift if Doris gets involved in a serious relationship? If she does I hope this show does a better job of dealing with that shit than “Will & Grace” did.

With Jon out of town Patrick was excited to be able to spend the night with Kevin. This preparation included an enema to clean things out…down there. The scene in which Patrick bought the enema amused me because he tried to play coy but as the sales woman said “Do you know where you live?” Patrick trying to pretend he’s not doing something seems to be a trademark of Patrick. I think it goes back to how unsure he is of himself. I continue to notice this in season two. He’s always second guessing his choices and looking for outside validation…But whole enema story line was hilarious. Patrick summed it up best as he gave himself the enema with his ass sticking up in the air; the whole thing is “so sexy.”

At Dom’s rugby game we got the return of Eddie, who is a welcome addition to the show.


When Patrick showed up with Kevin it was clear their little act of being “just friends” is not a believable one. Thanks to Eddie we learn that others can see what is painfully obvious to us. Patrick and Kevin are doing an awful job of hiding their affair. Eddie’s observation did give us a moment to think that Augustin was going to remain loyal to Patrick and not spill the beans, but only a moment. Augustin, of course, told Eddie what is really going on between Patrick and Kevin. Augustin convinces Eddie to let him crash at his place while Patrick “entertains” for Kevin.

I’m sure Augustin and Eddie are going to end up in a relationship but I always wonder about Augustin’s motivations. Part of be is wondering if Augustin is so unhappy that he might end up dating Eddie just so he can become a bug chaser.

As Dom leaves his Rugby game we find out that his dinner with an investor for his restaurant was really just a dinner about managing a different restaurant and the whole thing was set up by Lyn. It’s clear that Lyn was just trying to help Dom out and is thinking long term in terms of Dom opening up his restaurant. However, Dom was pissed off.


He, understandably, felt that Lyn was trying to hold him back. I really enjoy the Dom and Lyn relationship and I hope that his isn’t the beginning of the end for them.

The episode ended with Patrick and Kevin getting their evening along together, at long last.


The two of them have such incredible chemistry together that it’s easy to see how they have gotten so carried away. Their cute evening of watching TV together would have been wonderful…if only Jon hadn’t interrupted it with a phone call, which Kevin ignored. The hot sex they have (with Patrick as the top this time) would be a sign of an amazing sexual dynamic…If only Kevin didn’t get up in the middle of the night to call Jon back.

The fact is as much as Kevin, Patrick and the viewers may want to pretend they are just dating they aren’t . They are having an affair and they are both in the wrong. Kevin lives with Jon and regardless of the issues in their relationship Kevin is cheating (they obviously don’t have an open relationship or that would have been mentioned already). Patrick has been swept off his feet by Kevin’s charm and beautiful body and with no Richie around he’s willing to play the other woman. He’s willing to take what he can get even if it leaves him sitting alone at a movie theatre or listening to Kevin sneak in a middle of the night phone call to Jon….Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. He is one sexy man, but like many a gay man before him the inability he has to trust himself and feel comfortable in his own skin has resulted in him making some very poor decisions.

The preview for next week promises more Richie, which can only be a good thing for the drama and for those of us on Team Richie.

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