Looking-Season 2-Episode 2

Last night’s episode of “Looking” moved the story forward more than the season premiere did.


In episode 1 of season 2 we got to see where our boys were but since they were away at the Russian River it was more like they were living a little fantasy (https://jeremyochsgonzales.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/looking-season-2-episode-1/). In episode 2 the show was back in San Francisco and the reality of everybody’s situations sunk in a little more.

The episode began with Patrick and Kevin having a little afternoon hook up at a seedy motel. The scene in the hotel (featuring a nice shot of Russell Tovey’s beautiful backside) and the following scene when they are riding the trolley back to work was interesting.


If Kevin wasn’t in a relationship with somebody else I would have thought the scenes were a nice way to develop their story. No longer are they fucking on the office floor or against a tree in the forest they are actually getting to know each other on a deeper level. If they were both single I would have thought it was sweet, on par with episode 5 of last year. The problem, obviously, is that Kevin is a relationship and Patrick is his dirty little secret. Something Kevin is keenly aware of when he panics after Patrick tells him that the told his friends.

Then there is the added element of Kevin being Patrick’s boss. That in itself would make their relationship questionable, as we were reminded by the presence of Patrick’s friend Owen. Yet, despite how inappropriate their relationship is Patrick and Kevin have an amazing chemistry together which is obviously what continues to drive them together, for better and mostly worse.

At the end of the previous episode Patrick had told Augustin and Dom that he was sleeping with Kevin but he didn’t want talk about it. In this episode he says he just wants them to be supportive. What exactly does that mean in this situation? I guess it means just keep your mouth shut and letting your friend make his own mistakes. Yet, Patrick seems unsure of his choices. He knows what he’s doing is wrong but he doesn’t want it labeled an affair.

What was amusing about the secret of Patrick and Kevin’s affair is how quickly Dom told both Doris and Lyn. No wonder Kevin is worried about it getting all over San Francisco.

The Patrick and Kevin storyline is what drove most of the episode but there was, of course other stuff going on.

Dom and Lyn briefly discussed the trip to the Russian River.


The question Dom and Lyn are trying to answer is; just how open do they want their open relationship to be? Lyn question Dom about what kind of a good time Dom had. We were left wondering if Dom was asking because he thought the idea of Dom sleeping with somebody else was hot or if he was jealous or both. This was an interesting conversation, the really could have gone into the ins and outs of a gay male couple having an open relationship but it was kind of dropped without a conclusion. I would have like another minute or two with these two.

Dom is also moving closer to opening his Peri-Peri chicken restaurant. Except for a fine dining establishment it looks like it’s going to be more a like a little food stand in what looks like skid row. I wonder if it is really worth it for Dom to force his restaurant to happen if he can’t do it right.

It looks like Doris is a new love interest.


I’m happy there we are seeing more Doris this season. No gay male storyline it complete without a good fag hag.

Then there is Augustin. Throughout season 1 he was in a downward spiral but most of the time he just drank and smoked pot. It is entirely possible for somebody to be a fully functional human being while drinking a lot and smoking a lot of pot. But it’s clear he’s more out of control than ever, especially when it comes to his drug use. In last week’s episode he smoked pot and took ecstasy, and in this week’s episode he took GHB from the guy he and his ex, Frank, had a threesome with in the first episode of season 1. I was literally about to say to my husband “At least he’s not passed out on the street like he was at the end of season one” when…he’s passed out on the street at the end of season one. In fact he’s in worse shape than at the end of season one. But this time he is saved by…Richie, of all people.

Richie rescues Augustin from a night drugged out on the street and takes him back to Patrick’s. The interactions between Richie and August really showcase the difference between the two characters. Augustin is a complete and total basket case he is often a total bitch to people. Richie is a total sweetheart to saves Augustin despite the fact that Augustin was a total asshole to him in season 1.

Of course, Richie ending up at Patrick’s sets up an interaction between those two characters and re-introduces the love triangle.


In the brief time that they are talking Patrick asks Richie if he’s seeing anybody and Richie says no. Then when Richie asks Patrick the same question Patrick waffles and then says no. Why did Patrick do this? Is it because he’s ashamed of his affair with Kevin? Is it because he still has feelings for Richie? Is it because he wants to see if Richie can be his backup plan? The most likely answer is, all of the above. Obviously, that is not fair to Richie but it makes sense.

At the end of the episode we find out that the first time Patrick and Kevin had sex it was unprotected and that is why Patrick is scared to death hat he has contracted H.I.V…I have mixed feeling about this storyline… As a gay man I understand why they had this storyline. H.I.V/A.I.D.S. is a reality that we must live with in our lives in a way that other communities don’t. As much as we all know what we must do to protect ourselves there are almost always moments where people make mistakes and don’t protect themselves as much as they should….But in terms of Patrick as a character I was really upset with him. In episode 5 of last year he told Richie that he is always super careful. Yet, there he was letting Kevin bareback him on the office floor without discussing their status. I found another discrepancy in what Patrick told Richie about his sexual preferences that don’t add up. Patrick told Richie that he’s a top and that he has bottom shame. It seems to me that Patrick really was pretending to be a power top (as Augustin claimed in episode 6 of last year). We know that Patrick has bottomed for Kevin, many times. It is mentioned in a conversation with Dom that Patrick’s asshole was once so tight it sucked the condom off a guy’s cock. And it was highly implied in the series premiere that Patrick let Dom fuck him the one time they hooked up. It seems that Patrick didn’t suffer from bottom shame. He just didn’t want to bottom for Richie. Why? I imagine it has something to do with the constant doubt he had in regard to his relationship with Richie.


The episode ended with Patrick’s H.I.V. test coming up negative and him discussing it with Kevin. It turns out both men are confused about what they are doing. Kevin has been having migraines, not surprising considering he’s cheating on his live in boyfriend. Yet, as much as I don’t want to root for Kevin the episode did end in a cute way when Kevin did his childhood dance routine to a Take That song for Patrick.

Patrick and Kevin are having an affair; there is no doubt about that. But there is also no doubt that they are falling in love with each other? Where does that leave Richie? And should anybody be rooting for a relationship that starts with cheating? I don’t know. I do know that Patrick continues to remind me of a gay male version of Carrie Bradshaw.

I’m already looking forward to episode 3 on Sunday.

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