Oscar Nominations-Reaction

When I lived in Colorado I used to get up every year to watch the Oscar nominations be announced.

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

However, in the thirteen years I’ve lived in Los Angeles I’ve only done it once. There is just something about getting up at 5:30 that is just too awful. I did not get up this morning so I just got my first look at the Oscar nominations

Best Picture

One mid surprise that Whiplash was nominated.


I’m more surprised that Foxcatcher and Gone Girl were left out. I personally would have much rather seen Gone Girl nominated than Selma. I know Selma is an “important” movie but it’s kind of a flat bio-pic and not all that good on it’s own merits.

I have two of these movies I still need to see…American Sniper, Whiplash. I’ve already seen the other six nominees

Best Director

Given all the nominations American Sniper got I’m surprised Clint Eastwood wasn’t nominated. I’m just glad Selma wasn’t nominated here.


I would love for an African-American woman to get a directing nomination but Ava DuVernay really didn’t do that good a job….Still I would have rather her been nominated that lame Wes Anderson.

Best Actor

Four years ago who would have thought that Bradley Cooper would be nominated for an Oscar three years in a row?


Well, it has happened and I’m not surprised with his nod for American Sniper…I am surprised that Steve Carell got the fifth spot over Jake Gyllenhaal .

Best Actress

We were told that there was all this support for Jennifer Aniston in Cake but I just didn’t believe it. I go the sense that that was just the machine telling you that she was a serious actress now. I thought Amy Adams would sneak in there for the 5th spot but then again I don’t think anybody really loved Big Eyes. So in the end I’m not surprised that last spot went to Marion Cotillard…I do think at the age of 45 this was probably Jennifer Aniston’s last best chance to get an Oscar nomination. It probably will never happen now.


And at 40 Amy Adams is running out of time to win.

Best Supporting Actor

No surprises here it matched the Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations. I’m still left wondering if Robert Duvall was really that good.


Best Supporting Actress

Oscar nomination #19 for Meryl Streep. It takes Katherine Hepburn and Jane Fonda tied to equal that. Wow, Meryl the fact that you keep racking them up well into your 60s speaks to both your talent and how beloved you are.

I had really hoped that Naomi Watts in St. Vincent would get the 5th spot but I’m okay with Laura Dern getting her second Oscar nomination for Wild (23 years after her first nod for Rambling Rose).


In terms of the other categories I’m most pleased with Begin Again getting a best song nomination.

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