2015 Golden Globes

I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I think they incredibly funny women and have done so much for women in comedy. Two years ago when they hosted the Golden Globes it was like breath of fresh air after three years of Ricky Gervais.


Last year it was fun to have them back but this year their act fell flat. I was left wondering if they really wanted to be there at all. Sure, there were some funny moments but there were also some bits that feel completely missed the mark. Their Bill Cosby jokes were completely unfunny. I’m not saying that making fun of Bill Cosby is off limits but you need to do it in a way that is funny. I also love Margaret Cho but her dressing up as reporter from North Korea was only funny for the first two seconds you so her. They more they tried to bring her own the more unfunny that bit got.


I wish I could say other parts were funny but they weren’t. Krisitn Wiig and Bill Hader, so fantastic in 2014’s “The Skeleton Twin”, were downright painful in their presentation of the Best Screenplay award. There were so many bits that used up time and just weren’t funny then, of course, the show was running long and they had to rush through the last three awards. It always amazes me that year after year they try to force these special things into awards shows then have to turn the mics off on the winners and rush the end where the most important awards shows.

But what about the winners themselves? Well…The film awards were predictable and the TV awards were actually predictable in their unpredictability.

I’m so happy that Patricia Arquette is getting so much, well deserved, praise for “Boyhood” but I knew she was going to win.


I haven’t seen “Whiplash” and I’m happy for J.K. Simmons but that was also a predictable win. Same for Michael Keaton in “Birdman”, Julianne Moore in “Still Alice” and Eddie Redmayne in “The Theory of Everything”…great performances and predictable wins.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been watching awards shows for so long or if the awards have really become more predictable but I knew who almost all the winners would be before the envelope was opened. For example I knew Amy Adams was going to win Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for “Big Eyes”.


This was predictable because she is the only one of the nominees in that category to be in the Oscar conversation.

Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” win for Best Director and that film’s win for Best Movie Drama could also be seen a mile away. The only real surprise was for Best Movie Musical or Comedy. I really thought “Birdman” was going to win and “St. Vincent” should have won. I was very surprised and disappointed that “The Grand Budapest Hotel” won.


I just don’t get Wes Anderson’s stuff and I did not find anything appealing about that movie.

On the TV side the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has a history of rewarding shows in their first season. That’s why the wins for “Jane the Virgin”, “The Affair” and “Transparent” while on the surface are surprising really aren’t surprising at all.


And then there was the Cecil B. DeMille award for George Clooney.


I’m not a big George Clooney fan. He has made some good movie and he has given some good performances but overall he is incredibly overrated. There are so many amazing actresses his age and older who are much more deserving of a lifetime achievement award.

I wish I could say I loved this years Golden Globes but I didn’t…Next up the SAG Awards.

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