The Theory of Everything

My husband and I have very different views of bio-pics. He is over them and feels like since you know what is going to happen it isn’t interesting. I feel differently. I feel that since you know what is going to happen the story takes care of itself. You already know you are in for an interesting story and with that out of the way it all comes down to execution. Our differing views on bio-pics are why I went to see “The Theory of Everything” last night and he stayed home.


Not that I have a problem going to the movies by myself, in fact I love it.

Obviously with “The Theory of Everything” you know what is going to happen. You know that Stephen Hawking is going to be diagnosed with ALS and suffer the horrific debilitating effects of it while still becoming a world famous physicist. You know his wife will support him but despite her love for him there will be awful challenges. So the filmmakers were given tons to work with. The question is did they deliver? The answer is yes!

The film really lives and dies on the performances of Eddie Redmayne as Steven Hawking and Felicity Jones as his wife Jane. Redmayne is been good in films like 2011’s “My Week With Marilyn” and 2012 “Les Misérables” but nothing he did in those films compares to the amazing work he does here. He gets to show us the full scope of Steve Hawking; from the awkward young genius who woos a beautiful woman, to a man struggling with the early effects of ALS to the world famous genius who is confined to a wheelchair and communicates via a computer.


It is a great performance. He obviously shows us tons of Hawking’s vulnerability and strength but he also shows us his humor as well. It really is a tour-de-force. Equally good, but much more subtle, is Jones as Jane Hawking.


The long suffering wife is a role that has been done a thousand times before but Jones is able to really take that type of role and raise it to the next level. What I really liked about the performances was that despite the extraordinary circumstances these characters are faced with they both are very real. They both clearly love each other and they both make selfish decisions at times. In addition to the great performances these two actors have great chemistry together.


The rest of the movie is rock solid. From the screenplay to the supporting performances to the direction there is nothing wrong with this movie.

Yes, you know what is going to happen the second you walk into the theatre to see “The Theory of Everything” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t 100% worth the price of admission.

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