St. Vincent

Last Friday night my husband and I went to see “St. Vincent”.


I have always been a fan of Bill Murray and I also love Naomi Watts. As great as Bill Murray is playing the jerk or the cad he also has an amazing ability to reveal the depth and vulnerability to characters that are awful on the surface. I was hoping “St. Vincent” would give him the opportunity to show off all of his comedic and dramatic skills.

At the end of the day the movie isn’t terribly original, but then again what is original anymore. The story of a grouchy old man (or woman) that has their heart softened by a child has been told countless times.


So it comes down to execution and “St. Vincent” does an excellent job of executing the familiar.

Bill Murray truly shines as Vincent, a man who, initially, seems like a complete grouchy basket case whose life is a mess but just below the surface is a man who is doing his best to deal with an awful situation while nursing a broken heart.


This movie really is Bill Murray at his best. He should earn his second Oscar nomination for this great performance.

Speaking of Oscar nominations…As much as I loved “Bridesmaids” back in 2011 there is no way Melissa McCarthy deserved an Oscar nomination for that movie. She played a loud and fat woman which is also what she played in follow up projects like “Identify Thief” and “Tammy”. Before “St. Vincent” she had me believing that was the only role she could play. However, in “St. Vincent” she creates an actual character, not just some loud and fat woman who shits in a sink. What I love about Melissa McCarthy’s performance in “St. Vincent” is that she’s still funny but she is able to add a deeper dramatic element to her performance to complement her humor.


If she ever deserved an Oscar nomination it is for this movie.

As much as I loved Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy in this movie my favorite performance, by far, was from Naomi Watts. She absolutely steals the show. Her role and performance are the epitome of knocking a supporting role out of the park.


As a pregnant Russian stripper/prostitute with a heart of gold Watts is absolutely hilarious but moving at the same time, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her performance alone is worth the price of admission.

Jaeden Lieberher plays Oliver, the little boy who drives the entire movie and he does a really good job.


Terrence Howard is also in the film but his role really is too small to make much of an impact, good or bad. Chris O’Dowd plays Oliver’s priest/teacher and is amusing.

FORGET wasting your money on garbage like “Dumb and Dumber To” go out and see “St. Vincent” in the theatre while you still can.

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