Last Monday I went to see “Nightcrawler”.


I love Jake Gyllenhaal and I think he particularly excels in dark movies. Therefor I was expecting a good performance.

The film is about a creepy named Louis (Gyllenhaal) who doesn’t really have any kind of real job or direction in life. Despite that he is a very smart, self-taught from the internet but still very smart, and ambitious. He also has a very savvy business sense; he’s just looking for the right opportunity for everything to come together. One night he happens on a news crew at a car crash and things begin to fall into place. Soon he is traveling all over Los Angeles every night looking to capture the best gory footage of the latest urban tragedy. Since Louis is so ambitious and a borderline psychopath he excels at his new endeavor; he manages to outdo and manipulate people who have years more experience in television news.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays an unscrupulous news cameraman in the thriller Nightcrawler

The movie is really good and dark and creepy. Since I live in Los Angeles myself I really enjoyed getting to see various locations around the city and identifying them even if the movie itself doesn’t always point out where it is taking place at any given moment. However, I have to admit as dark at the film was I was still expecting something darker. The film does speak to American fears of ethnic minorities, class issues and the manipulation of the media, especially the local news.

Gyllenhaal is great, as expected. He really creates a character that is completely separate from other roles he’s played, which isn’t easy for such a well-known actor. Rene Russo is very good in her role as the producer of the new program that Louis sells too (I’m happy to see her working again but her face is looking a little odd with whatever Botox or filler she’s been using).


Bill Paxton is also good in his supporting role but “Nightcrawler” lives and dies with Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance and live it does.


If you like Jake Gyllenhaal or dark films I highly recommend that you check out “Nightcrawler” in the theatre.

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