Gone Girl

Instead of going out and doing something crazy for Halloween my husband and I went out to dinner and to the movies to see “Gone Girl”.


Although I have not read the book I have been intrigued to see the movie ever since I found out it was going to be directed by David Fincher and starring Ben Affleck. I have to say the press around this movie did a very good job of making my interested in seeing it but I do have one complaint about the marketing. There was a lot of talk about the twist of the movie. I really wish that when a movie has a twist the media would just shut up about it. The fact that you know that there is a twist is a spoiler itself. Instead of going into the movie and just letting the story unfold you go in wondering where the twist would be. In the case of “Gone Girl” it was a twist that was quite easy to figure out, twenty minutes into the movie I knew what the twist was. That isn’t to say the movie isn’t good, it is, I just wish that I hadn’t gone in knowing there was a twist (I do admit that by writing about the twist on my blog I am contributing to the very thing I have an issue with).

I’ve always been a fan of David Fincher films.


He has a great ability to create suspense and darkness out of almost any situation. He once again does a great job of directing here.

When Ben Affleck completed his comeback with “Argo” I was so thrilled with him. For a man who has won his two academy awards for writing and producing he actually is a good actor when he is given good material to work with. I think “Gone Girl” was the perfect movie for him to just act in. It gives him a chance to play a semi-villain but also use his considerable charisma.


Watching “Gone Girl” I couldn’t help but be further dumbfounded that he has chosen to play Batman in what almost certainly will be a horrible movie. I just can’t understand why he doesn’t see that he’s making the same mistakes post “Argo” as he did post “Good Will Hunting” but I digress. His performance here is strong and effective.

Reese Witherspoon produced “Gone Girl” and had originally wanted to star in it.


When David Fincher came on board he convinced her that it would be better to have an unknown in the female lead.  While I think Rosamund Pike is excellent in the role of Amy Dunne I don’t necessarily agree with Fincher’s thoughts on Witherspoon playing the role. I think Reese Witherspoon would have been a great choice for the role and I completely understand why she wanted it…but once again I digress; Rosamund Pike is indeed excellent in capturing the full range of the role.


I think she has a nice screen presence and I hope that “Gone Girl” leads to more good roles for her in the future.

I have really enjoyed Carrie Coon’s performance on HBO’s “The Leftovers” and when I realized she was in this movie I was happy to see her in another role. She is quite good although.


However, I do have stay say it is quite interesting casting having somebody nine years younger than Ben Affleck to play his twin sister.

I liked seeing Neil Patrick Harris in a dramatic movie and playing a darker role.


Obviously the man can do comedy but I think it was great for his post “How I Met Your Mother” to be in this movie. There was nothing wrong with Tyler Perry’s’ performance but I did find him more of a distraction than anything else. I know it’s not fair but I found myself constantly thinking of him as Medea.


As much as I liked there movie there is one small bone I can’t help but pick with it. There is a scene in which a character drops a bag of money which leads for further problems. Without revealing anything else I found this to be a gimmicky plot devise to move the story forward. When you consider all of the other actions of the character in question you realize this character would never make mistake like that. It is a minor point but it was one that sticks out.

I think the movie raises some interesting questions about money, gender roles and power. I wonder if the book and or movie would be considered sexist if it had been written by a man and/or it had a different ending.

At the end of the day I really enjoyed “Gone Girl” and I highly recommend seeing it in the theatre.

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