The Leftovers, Season 1



When the fourth season of “Game of Thrones” ended my husband asked me what show I would blog about next.


I had planned on blogging about “The Leftovers” but it never happened. When the show premiered in late June I was on the last night of my trip in Peru so I was unable to watch the show. I figured I could watch the show on HBO Go and still blog about it when I got back to Los Angeles. However, that didn’t happen either. Upon returning to Los Angeles I was so busy doing my blog posts about my trip that I didn’t feel like I had the time to blog about “The Leftovers” on a weekly basis. Then when I was finally done with the blogs for my trip the show was on its fourth episode and I figured by that time it was too late to start blogging about each episode. That’s why I have decided to just do one blog entry about the entire first season since the season finale aired last night.

When I first read about this show in Entertainment Weekly I was very intrigued. I’ve always found the idea of the Rapture but intriguing and scary. I know this show isn’t actually about the Rapture but nobody denies that the disappearance that is the catapult for the show has many similarities to the Rapture.



I was also excited about the cast. I’ve always found Justin Theroux to be very charismatic and underrated and I was thrilled to see Liv Tyler and Amy Brenneman in the cast as well. However, I was also worried about the show. After all the crap I put up with “Lost” I just couldn’t trust Damon Lindelof to not jerk me around. But I decided to give the show a shot.

I think the fact that this show airs in the summer when there aren’t as many original programing options works in its favor. The premise is interesting but I feel that it was a major mistake of the show to only briefly show the disappearance and then pick up three years later. I know this is based on a book and I imagine that is problem with the source material as well. The ninth episode actually showed a better glimpse into what each person was doing when the disappearance occurred. I feel like if the ninth episode had been the pilot and then the pilot had been episode two the season would have felt better overall.


It’s just hard to care about characters when you don’t fully understand why they are so messed up. Speaking of the characters, most of them are just too unlikable to care about. This doesn’t make me shallow, it makes the writing shallow. This show is dark, which I don’t mind, but if you are going to watch a show that is this dark you have to care about the characters.

Here is a breakdown of how I see the main characters

Matt-A religious zealot who wants to believe that he is special. I understand that is wife was left in a vegetative state as result of the disappearance but there were millions of people who actually lost people. He is so selfish and self-centered. He is like John Locke on “Lost” but a whole lot less likeable.

Laurie-I really wanted to like this character because I like Amy Brenneman. After episode 9 we know that she lost her unborn baby during the disappearance. I’m sure this was utterly devastating but was it really more devastating than the loss of born people? I like that she is a member of the GR that struggles on whether she can fully commit to it or not but at the end of the day I still don’t really understand her motivation for joining and staying in the GR.

Meg-Similar to Laurie except we have no idea of what she lost on October 14th. Liv Tyler got to do some great acting in the first two episodes but ever since then her talents have been wasted.

Jill-I get that her mom joined the GR but she is such a little shit. It seems there are people who lost way more than she did because of the disappearance. I can’t stand her and I have yet to really see anything in her that makes her likeable or sympathetic.


Amiee-I actually like her. She reminds me of Angela in 1999’s “American Beauty”. She just seems like a bitch but you realize that there is more to her. It appears she has lost both of her parents and that’s why she spends all her time at the Garvey’s. Unlike many other characters who you want to like but can’t you find yourself liking Amiee even if you didn’t want to at first.

Wayne-A fraud and even if he’s not who cares? I’m glad he’s dead.

Christine-What a selfish bitch. Okay, so you’re one of many that Wayne knocked up and said were special. Does that really make it okay to abandon your baby? No, it doesn’t. I hope she doesn’t come back.

Kevin Sr.-I like Scott Glen and I think what he’s doing with this character is interesting. I want to believe Kevin Sr. will serve a greater purpose.

Lucy-I like in charge powerful women but we haven’t seen much depth from her.


As you can see I don’t care for most of the characters. There are three I haven’t mentioned yet and they are the three that keep me interested.

Nora-I get why she’s messed up. She lost everything. Her husband and kids disappeared, her sister-in-law is a vegetable and her brother is a religious asshole who shattered her view of her husband. Of all the people on the show I get how October 14th affected her life and I appreciate her efforts to try to move forward even if she isn’t always successful.


Tommy-This actor (Chris Zylka) is super cute but the character is more than just good looking. We still don’t know how he came to work for Wayne but Tommy does seem to be a good guy. Even when he makes mistakes he does it for all the right reasons.


Kevin-In a show of unlikable characters you need your lead to be strong and Kevin is. Justin Theroux pours every ounce of his charisma and talent into this part. He has created a fully flushed out character with Kevin. A character that makes mistakes but wants to be good. A character that both hurts others and helps others. He keeps me watching, it’s just too bad the show isn’t as good as this character or actor is.


Season one ended on a total down note, no shock there. The show lived up everything I hoped and feared. It’s a great showcase for Justin Theroux to show off his sexy ass (which we need to see more of btw).


However, it is all also full of Damon Lindelof bullshit.

The question is what will happen season two and do I even care enough to watch? I’m not sure. I think the fact that this show will come back in June when there won’t be much else to watch and that fact I’ll have more free time overall in June will result in me watching the second season.

I don’t know if that’s an endorsement or a slam. Somewhere in-between I guess.

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