The True Death for True Blood

This blog entry is packed full of spoilers for “True Blood” as if you haven’t watched the series finale yet then stop reading now.


I did not start watching this show when it first aired. My husband and I did not have HBO at the time so we watched seasons 1-5 on DVD. Then we watched season 6 on HBO. This final season was the only season we watched more or less as it aired.

When I first started watching the show I was a little disappointed. I don’t know if I thought the show would be sexier or scarier or what. I just knew that it wasn’t quite what I expected and it never quite was.

That isn’t to say I did enjoy it, especially in the first two seasons. In the early seasons when the show was just centered on the central characters on Bon Temps it was at its best. The storyline with Maryann in season two is still one of my all-time favorites.

At the end of season two Bill proposed to Sookie at a nice restaurant. She didn’t know if she could accept so she excused herself to the bathroom. When she returned to tell Bill that she would marry him she found that Bill was no longer at the restaurant and with that the show would never be the same.


Beginning in season 3 the show began to expand its scope and mythology. It also introduced werewolves. Although seasons 3 and 4 were entertaining looking back I realize that those two seasons are where the show began to weave a web so complicated that it would soon collapse on itself.

Seasons 5 and 6 introduced the concept of Lilith and Warlow and Hep V. What was once a simple little vampire show had become a total mess of fairy/vampire hybrids, religious analogies and concentration camps parallels. It was just too much.

Season 7 promised to bring things back to the center, which it did, but not before introducing and killing a whole new batch of characters.

At the end we were left with the characters we cared most about;  Sookie, Bill, Eric, Pam, Jason, Hoyt, Sam, Lafayette and Jessica.


Before I address the characters listed above I have to say that I hated Sarah Newlin but I love the ending she got. She doesn’t deserve the release of death. After all the drama she caused she deserved to suffer for years and years and years…plus I loved the idea of her being haunted by the sassy gay version of Steve Newlin.

I’m happy that Hoyt and Jessica ended up together. They were a great couple and it was a mistake to write Hoyt off in the first place.

Poor Lafayette, he is such a great character but it seemed that with the exception of when he was with Jesus the writers didn’t know what to do with him other than make him the sassy gay sidekick.

I suppose I’m glad Sam found happiness but he’s storyline in the last season was so uninteresting that it’s hard to really care.


Jason is pretty with a great body but dumb as a stack of bricks. He is a man whore and the ending that had him finally meeting the right girl and settling down and having three kids seemed very unnatural for the character.

Eric and Pam…I love these two. Somehow even when all the other characters of the show ended up betraying who they were these two remained consistent, I will miss these two.

Then there is Sookie and Bill. Sookie never bothered me the way that I know she bothered other fans. In reality if you count the mystery husband she had in the last scene she was had sex with five men. That does not make her a ho bag. I think that Sookie and Bill should have ended up together. I would have been okay with Sookie becoming a vampire; something I always thought was inevitable. I have mixed feelings about storyline that they came up with. Sookie can never really enjoy her human life if Bill is around so he has to die. I’m really glad that Sookie choose not to give up her light in killing Bill. She has the gift of being part fae and for her to give it up would have been stupid. Not to mention it a character played by Anna Paquin choosing to give up their power has already been done in 2006’s “X:Men-The Last Stand”—When Bill died I cried. I liked these two characters together and I think most of the time Bill was a good guy.

The final ending is happy. Eric and Pam are rich and doing their thing. Sarah is suffering for the rest of her life. And then everybody else is happy and in their little nuclear families…And I guess that’s where I have the problems. It seems that after all the vampire, shifter, werewolf, werepanther drama of the last seven years the shows final answer to everything is that everybody will be happy if they just get married and have babies…That’s not supernatural it’s ordinary and boring.


At the end I enjoyed the ride of “True Blood” but I’m glad I can get off now and move on with my life.


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