Bunker Hill

Last Saturday my husband and I continued our project of visiting the different districts of Downtown Los Angeles and trying to see our city through the eyes of a tourist. Having already explored the Arts District and the Broadway Theatre District our next stop was Bunker Hill.


Once again we began our adventure by boarding the Metrorail Expo line and heading into downtown LA.


Once we reached downtown we switched to the subway for one stop and exited at Pershing Square.


One big thing I wanted to do on our Bunker Hill was ride the Angeles Flight cable car. That is something I have always wanted to do and it will remain something I want to do because it was broken.


This was a very disappointing turn of events for me. So instead of taking the cable car up Bunker Hill we had to take the stairs.

I got some great pictures of the Angeles Flight but it wasn’t the same as riding it.

SAM_9986 SAM_9989 SAM_9991 SAM_9993 SAM_9994


Once we were up the stairs we found ourselves in California Plaza. This cute little plaza was setting up for a free summer concert. A really cool atmosphere was created by the way they had the stage and the chairs set up. Despite the fact it was in the middle of a city it kind of felt like it was at a little lagoon.

SAM_0007 SAM_0008

After taking a look around we left California Plaza and continued to explore Bunker Hill.


Our next stop was the Museum of Contemporary Art or MOCA.


I have wanted to visit MOCA for years and I was excited that our Bunker Hill day gave us the opportunity to go in.


We were also thrilled to find out that our Metro passes got a two for one tickets into the museum. After buying our tickets we decided to have a little snack before heading into the museum. Normally museum food can be kind of iffy but the apple chicken salad we had was quite good.


I am a much bigger fan of modern art than my husband is but even he found some pieces that he enjoyed. Initially I didn’t take any pictures because the website had said no pictures but after a while I noticed that there were a lot of people taking pictures without a flash. I wanted to remember some of the crazy pieces I was seeing so I decided to take pictures too. I wish I had started taking pictures early on because one of the first pieces that we saw was a Jackson Pollock painting. But then again a picture probably wouldn’t have captured the experience of seeing a Pollock in person. Still, there were lots of good pieces that I did get to take pictures of.

SAM_0013 SAM_0014 SAM_0015 SAM_0017 SAM_0019 SAM_0020 SAM_0022 SAM_0024

Our favorite part of the museum came at the end. It was a traveling exhibit by an Italian artist named Francesco Vezzoli.


It was such a unique exhibit. He as a fascination with actresses and he often takes pictures of them and alters them. One piece that I loved was one that combined images of Joan Crawford and Faye Dunaway, I am normally bored with self-aware things but I thought this one was genius. The exhibit also featured a collection of fake movie posters. This reminded me of a blog I used to have called fake gossip news.


The last thing we saw at the museum and in this exhibit was a video collection that he has done with the highlight being a fake preview for a remake of the movie Caligula.

It was truly hilarious.

We stayed at MOCA until it closed and then continued out tour around Bunker Hill. We walked by the Disney Concert Hall.

SAM_0027 SAM_0030 SAM_0033

We then checked out the area in-between the Dorothy Candler Pavilion and the Ahmanson theatre.

SAM_0037 SAM_0039 SAM_0040 SAM_0043

I been fortunate enough to see two plays at the Ahmanson theatre but I have yet to set foot inside of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Despite the fact that I haven’t been inside the Dorothy Candler Pavilion I do have very fond memories of it. In March of 1993 me, my mom and a friend visited Los Angeles on Spring Break when I was in 9th grade. The highlight of that trip was sitting in the bleachers outside of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and watching the stars go into the 65th Annual Academy Awards.

We then swung by Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. I’m sure the church is impressive on the inside but having been fortunate enough to visit Europe and Peru I didn’t find anything impressive about the church from the outside. It just seemed like church, nothing special.


As we made our way back towards where we started we went by the Disney Concert Hall again and checked out the little courtyard area surrounding it. It seemed like a very relaxing place to hang out.

SAM_0046 SAM_0048 SAM_0050 SAM_0051 SAM_0052 SAM_0053 SAM_0056 SAM_0059

As our time in Bunker Hill came to close we were happy we had gotten back to our project. We had dinner at one of our favorite downtown restaurants before heading home. So far I would say Bunker Hill is my favorite district of downtown so far. It’s cleaner and it offers cool things like museums and concert halls. Next up…Chinatown

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