Begin Again

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to see “Begin Again”.


I had moderate interest in it but after my mom raved about how great it was I decided it defiantly wanted to see it. My husband on the other hand wasn’t really interested but went along for the heck of it. We both really liked it.

I didn’t see “Once” so I can’t compare “Begin Again” to that film and say what’s better and what’s worse. I just know that I though “Begin Again” was delightful and entertaining in its own right; the story of a heartbroken singer/songwriter and a wash up music producer who work together to record an album on the streets of New York City is a really fun ride.

When Keira Knightley first became famous I thought she was very overrated. I didn’t care for the first “Pirates of the Caribbean Movie” (that’s probably why I never saw any of the sequels), I didn’t get all the hype over “Bend it like Beckham” and she didn’t leave any kind of impression on me with “Love Actually” (that movie is about Emma Thompson). In fact I was so over Kiera Knightly I found myself actively rooting for her films to fail commercially so she would just go away…and then something happened. She decided to stop being a movie star and become and actress. It turns out se is actually a good actress. She first began to win me over with the “Duchess” and continued to with strong work in “Never Let me Go.” She gives a great performance here.


It’s a performance that is a great combination to strength and vulnerability. It makes me feel bad for ever rooting against her. It also turns out she has quite a nice singing voice.

On the other hand I’ve been a fan of Mark Ruffalo since 2000’s “You Can Count on Me.” He is an amazingly versatile actor. He really can do it all and here he does a great job playing an alcoholic, washed up music executive.


At the beginning of the movie I hated Hailee Steinfeld but by the end I liked her.


It was just nice to see a teenage character embrace strength and talent and stop relying on dressing like a little skank.

I know people love Catherine Keener but I just have never warmed up to her. I want to like her but I just can’t. I suppose her performance in this movie is fine but she just almost always rubs me the wrong way.

The last notable cast member is Adam Levine. When signers try to make the transition into acting you never know how it is going to go. Madonna can play herself but when she really tries to act you can tell she’s REALLY trying. Justin Timberlake is good at playing cocky but when it comes to other types of roles he tries too hard. Meanwhile Cher is a natural. As for Mr. Levine…He is basically playing a version of himself but he does a really good job. He has tons of charisma and it’s enough to make his performance work.


“Begin Again” is a fun film that will entertain you from beginning to end. The one problem I had with it was the tag that goes with the closing credit. It’s not needed but other than that the film is great and I highly recommend it.

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