Yves Saint Laurent

Way back on the 4th of July my husband and I celebrated by going to the movies. However, instead of going of going to see some piece of Americana like “Transformers 4” or “Tammy” we went to see the French Foreign Language Film “Yves Saint Laurent”.


The film is an obvious bio-pic of the legendary clothing designer.


My husband normally isn’t big on bio-pics but he thought this one looked interesting because the main character was gay and it looked like it had lots of drama.

Lately I’ve enjoyed seeing foreign films so that I can get a better sense of history from other parts of the world. Although the film mostly takes place in Paris there is some interesting French history in it. I am specifically referring to France losing its African colony of Algeria in the years after World War II. While it makes sense from a human perspective to support Algerian independence the film gives a glimpse into the lives of the white French people who lived in Algeria and considered it more of a home any anywhere in France.

As for the film itself, it was very good and entertaining. The life of Yves Saint Laurent had all of the things that make for a good bio-pic: talent, sexual adventures, drug use and mental illness. The acting is all very good. The two performances that stand out the most are the two leads. Pierre Niney who plays the title character and Guillaume Gallienne who plays Laurent’s long suffering lover/business partner, Pierre Berge.


The film has already practically disappeared from art houses but it is working checking out on video if you like foreign films and/or bio-pics.

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