Peru Day 10-Voyage back to Los Angeles

The tenth day of my trip to Peru marked the end of my vacation with my mom and my return to Los Angeles.

Our flight from Lima to Mexico City was scheduled to leave at 7:50 am, which meant that we needed to get up around 4 am to shower. I was very tired and very sad.


After checking out of our room we took a cab to the airport. I was annoyed that the cab ride from the hotel to the airport cost twice as much as the cab ride had two days before from the airport to the hotel but what could I do? I think since we were getting the cab from a nice hotel we got charged more.

Once at the airport we had to wait in a very long line to check in.


I was so tired and I had not had any caffeine yet. Finally, we checked in our bags and headed toward security. As we were walking towards security I took a look at our boarding passes. I noticed that something didn’t look quite right about the time of our flight from Mexico City to Los Angeles but I decided to just deal with it when we got to Mexico City.

Once we were through security we only had a little bit of time. We walked around the Lima Airport for a little bit.

SAM_9935 SAM_9936 SAM_9938

My mom and I both purchased water for the flight and I purchased a muffin. I was trying to not leave with excess Peruvian currency and somehow I managed to pull it off. I left the country with only ninety Sol cents.

On the flight from Lima to Mexico City I slept for a little bit; probably no more than an hour and a half. When I woke up I was still very tired and not sure of how to pass the time on our flight. Aero México was showing the movie “A Winter’s Tale” which I might have watched had I caught it from the beginning but I didn’t want to jump in halfway through. Not to mention the looked weird. Instead of watching something I read. I was glad that I had charged my kindle so I could read because the second movie Aero México showed was “The Lego Movie” which I had NO interest in watching.

At one point we were flying over a coastline. Based on how long we had been in the air I figured that we were somewhere over Central America. I wondered if we might be over my husband’s home country of Nicaragua.

SAM_9943 SAM_9944

The last hour and an half of the flight had me getting antsy. I once again really missed the perks of British Airways. By that time Aero México was showing sitcoms but it was the same episodes of “Suburgatory” and “How I Met Your Mother” that had been on during our flight from Los Angeles to Mexico City ten days before. At the very least I wished they had a live map so I could now where we were.

Finally, we landed in Mexico City. We were scheduled to have a layover just under six hours. We exited to plane and went through immigration.


Then things began to unravel. I had not had any issues with my phone the entire trip. But for some reason my phone would not connect to the internet or even get a regular signal that afternoon in Mexico City. That was annoying…also annoying was the fact that our baggage took forever to arrive. Since Mexico City forces you to send your bags through customs even if you’re just in transit we had to wait for them. I think that the bags took so long because all bags come from South America are required to be inspected by drug dogs. This was seriously annoying. Stupid coke heads in the United States and Europe making me wait longer for my bags. Luckily when our bags arrived we were able to get through customs without drama and send them on their way.

My mom and I ate lunch (a disappointing Mexican dish) and then disaster hit. I took another look at our boarding passes and I was convinced something wasn’t right. The departure time on the ticket was more in line with what our arrival time in Los Angeles was supposed to be. I checked with all of the information I had printed out before we left LA and saw that there was something off about our boarding passes. My mom didn’t realize something was wrong and I was feeling very overwhelmed. I was tired and feeling frustrated with my Spanish abilities. We went through security and tried to figure out what was going on. I was getting myself really worked up in to frenzy. My mom suggested that we check with an Aero México representative, initially I resisted but then I agreed.

When we found a customer service counter we were informed that the flight we were originally supposed to fly out on “didn’t fly on that day” and we were scheduled for a flight about two hours later. I was incredibly upset. Basically our flight had been canceled but we had never been informed of this. Orbitz had never let me know and Aero México had never let me know, not to mention the phantom flight that “didn’t fly on that day” showed up on the list of flights. That flight would remain on the board throughout the day despite the fact that it was never given a gate.


We had another problem. I needed to able to get in contact with my husband and tell him we would be arriving in Los Angeles two hours later than expected. The problem was my phone was messed up. I couldn’t get a signal. That meant I couldn’t text him and I couldn’t call him and I couldn’t e-mail him. My mom’s phone was also having issues.

After asking around we found out that if we went back out through security we could go to a Starbucks buy something and use their wireless. The problem was we couldn’t just walk back out the way we came in. The Mexico City Airport isn’t set up that way. I had to speak to some security officer and try to explain our situation before we could leave.

We found the Starbucks and got the wireless code. But that didn’t mean getting in touch with my husband was easy. Even with the wireless code my phone and my mom’s phone wouldn’t connect to the internet. Thankfully after several tries my I-Pod touch was able to connect and I was able to e-mail my husband at work.

The whole thing was very disappointing. We were now going to get into Los Angeles so late that my husband wouldn’t be able to pick me up. That meant we would have to take a cab and I wouldn’t get to see him right away. I always love it when my husband picks me up from the airport and I was really sad that it wasn’t going to happen. I was also frustrated because when all was said and done our layover in Mexico City was going to be about eight hours. Had we known we had eight hours in Mexico City we might have planned on taking a cab somewhere to see something but instead we wasted hours trying to figure out what was going on and how to get an internet connection. Not to mention that we were both incredibly tired.

After I e-mailed my husband we went back through security and found a table to just wait out the rest of our time in the Mexico City airport. After calming down I went to 7-11 and bought a Coca-Cola light and gummy worms and then my mom and I played cards to pass the time. I was so tired and couldn’t focus. My mom utterly destroyed me in our game of rummy. The score was so bad that it sent her into a laughing fit.

SAM_9952 SAM_9953

About two hours before our flight was finally scheduled to leave we went to eat at a nice restaurant and had better Mexican food. I had done so well with my Spanish the whole trip but I was just over it and I wanted to get home.

SAM_9958 SAM_9959 SAM_9960

Finally, it was time to board our plane. We were thrilled to be getting the hell out of the Mexico City airport.

SAM_9963 SAM_9964 SAM_9967

Unfortunately, my mom and I didn’t get seats together on the Mexico City to Los Angeles flight (we when originally purchased the tickets we did but I guess when they canceled our flight and didn’t tell us they put us wherever the hell they wanted). Moments after we were off the ground I fell asleep and I slept for most of the four hour flight back to Los Angeles. With about forty five minutes left in the flight I woke up and went to use the restroom. I was confused and a little alarmed when I didn’t see my mom in her flight. I was so tired and out of it. I kind of felt like I was in the Jodie Foster movie “Flightplan”…It turns out my mom had moved from her center seat in the row behind me to an aisle seat a few rows back.

Thankfully, once we landed we were able to get through United States immigration and customs very easily.


As much as I love the Tom Bradley international terminal at LAX the immigration and customs people in Terminal two were nicer. We got a cab really easily and were back at my apartment within an hour of landing.

It had been quite a trip.

I am so glad that I was able to give my mom the gift of the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. I am so glad that all of my physical training paid off while on the trek. I am so glad that giving up music in the car and at the gym paid off so that my Spanish could be strong enough to take care of us while in Latin America. I love Europe and I want to go back as soon as possible but I’m so glad this trip gave me the chance to see another part of the world.

But I am left with one question….Where do I go for my next trip?

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3 thoughts on “Peru Day 10-Voyage back to Los Angeles

  1. Boy, that line at the Lima airport looks familiar. We flew American but also ended up standing in line for what seemed like forever–1.5 hours-to check in. Made us a bit annoyed that we waited around so long for a taxi from our hotel to the airport–we were assured three hours would be plenty of time. As it turned out, after standing in line for check-in, security, and a hassle with customs, we made it in time, only because the flight had been delayed an hour!

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