La Sagrada Familia, the Eiffel Tower of Barcelona

The Eiffel Tower of Barcelona, that is what some people refer to La Sagrada Familia as. While it may not be as famous as the Eiffel Tower it is a must see when visiting the home of the 1992 Summer Olympics.

In April of 2011 my husband and I took our first trip to Europe and our first official destination was La Sagrada Familia. Like any big tourist attraction it was very crowded. The double decker tour busses, that my husband calls the sheepeople mobiles, stop at La Sagrada Familia and let all the visitors off there. We have not taken tour buses on any of our European trips. We prefer to explore on our own and enjoy the amazing public transportation systems that Europe cities have. We have also found that by taking the metro you get a better sense of what it might be like to live in that city.


As much as I love Barcelona it does have a reputation for pick pockets so when you visit La Sagrada Familia you need to be very careful. All of the crowds are a perfect opportunity for pick pockets to sneak up and grab your wallet. Although we didn’t have any problems we recommend that you be very careful and don’t buy from any of the street vendors.

Unlike other famous landmarks La Sagrada Familia is a living, breathing and growing landmark. The man who designed it was the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. He design was so elaborate that the Church is still being built over eighty years after his death. This makes La Sagrada Familia very intriguing because it has new parts and old parts. We first saw the new part of the church.


As much as the newer part is “nicer” I liked the older part more. It had a gothic quality to it.




Unfortunately, we did not get to go inside of La Sagrada Familia. We were there on Palm Sunday and there was a church service going on and the next opportunity to go inside was several hours away.


One thing we quickly learned is that Holy Week is a big deal in very catholic Spain. It was disappointing to not get to go into La Sagrada Familia, but now three years later I see it as a positive. It gives us a good excuse to return to Barcelona.

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4 thoughts on “La Sagrada Familia, the Eiffel Tower of Barcelona

  1. First off, sorry to be honest, I do not like the title calling it “The Eiffel Tower” of Spain. I did love reading the last part. Coming back to a place that you were short tossed – I know the feeling. And I would love to come back to Spain myself to see Barcelona.
    Eeek! Those darn scaffolds. 😀

    1. I call it the Eiffel Tower of Barcelona because if there is only one thing you can see in Barcelona this would be it. In reality it is very different than the Eiffel Tower. Thanks for the comment.

      1. That made sense. Should of included that on your post, a babbling idiot like me doesn’t have to yap about it. Ahihihi 😀 I really just read the title and was taken aback by it.

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