6 Weeks to Peru

Preparing for my trip to Peru and Machu Picchu has been a long road and with my departure date six weeks away I worry that I won’t be ready.

I began slowly training for it last August. Over these months I’ve slowly increased the incline on the treadmill. At the beginning I began at 0.0 and slowly moved up each minute on my thirty minute workout. I now start my workout at 13.0 and go up and down from 13.0 to the max of 15.0. I feel like my legs can walk on a steep include but I worry about my endurance. This trip will require way more from me than walking thirty minutes on a treadmill.

I’ve tried to incorporate some outdoor stair climbing. There is a set of stairs built into a hill near my apartment in West Los Angeles.


I’ve started focusing on these stairs about once a week. I climb them about six or seven times. I climb every other step. Still, I feel like I need to be doing this for an hour or two, not for thirty minutes.

I am also concerned about adjusting to the elevation of the Andes. I grew up in the Colorado Rockies.


But I know that won’t mean any thing next month because I’ve lived at the sea level of Los Angeles for almost thirteen years.


I am planning at least three trips up to the San Gabriel Mountains in the last month before my trip to try to get used to being at a higher elevation.


Then there is the language issue. I am a big believer in that it is wrong to go to a country and not at least try to speak the language of the citizens. I found that the French were in fact very polite when you try to speak French to them.


And then grouchy Germans will smile at you when you give their language a try.


For years I’ve been trying to learn Spanish. I know my Spanish is better than it was five years ago but it’s nowhere near where my French was when I went to France and even that wasn’t where I want it to be. I very much want to be able to communicate in Spanish while in Peru but I know I can’t work miracles. All I can do is fit in my two hours a week of Rosetta Stone and listen to my Spanish lessons at the gym while I walk at steep incline.

I know my trip will be amazing but I also know it will be very different than my recent trips to Europe.



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