Game of Thrones…Season 4…Episode 4

As I’ve previously mentioned my husband has read all of the book in “A Song of Ice and Fire” while I’ve only watched the TV show. Because of that he’s always known what was going to happen in each episode. That changed last night.


He has said since the end of last season that elements from different books would start to mesh together. Technically there are events going on at King’s Landing that are still part of the third book even though we are now four episodes (almost halfway) into the fourth season. But he has also mentioned to me that certain things from this season are from the fourth or fifth book. Last night there might have even been something from beyond but more on that later. All of this points to a concern that the show will catch up or even pass the books before George R.R. Martin and write and publish and last two books in the series.


Will the show outpace the books? Only time will tell but it seams increasingly more likely…But back to last night’s episode.


What does justice mean? What does mercy mean? That was the question put forth in the storyline of Daenerys Targaryen as she liberates the city of Meereen. What is the rightful punishment for the slave masters? As she and her army approached the city they found that each mile marker had a dead child nailed to a post. How does one respond to much an awful act? Well, Dany chooses to nail the slave’s masters of Merren to posts themselves after the slave revolt. It was a graphic scene. Was her decision right or wrong? I suppose one could make the argument that mercy would have been the way to go but I certainly understand the decision she made. At the end of the day I am in team Dany and if she is going to be powerful and respected enough to take back her home kingdom at some point she can’t afford to show any mercy…Of course that doesn’t make her actions wrong.


Last week I was happy to see Sansa Stark escape King’s Landing but I was very uneasy that the person she was now being “protected” by was Littlefinger…I also was a touch disturbed with the change Aidan Gillen made in how he played the character. I felt in previous seasons he had done a good job of making the character ambiguous. However, in the last two episodes now only has his accent changed but his entire demeanor has changed. It seems now more than ever the character should be ambiguous but Gillen is choosing to play the character as a villain….In this episode Littlefinger says he’s going to marry Sansa’s Aunt Lysa. I found this both odd and exciting. I found it odd because it speaks to a plan on the part of Little Finger that is much different than I had imagined. What that plan is I’m not sure but I have no doubt that it is there. I also found it exciting because it seems there might be a possibility that maybe, just maybe, Sansa and Arya can be reunited. After all, the Hound is trying to take Arya to Aunt Lysa as well.


Back at Kings Landing the person responsible for King Joffrey’s death is reveled. On a repeat airing of the Purple Wedding I tried to watch the scene very carefully to figure how who poisoned Joffrey. I did see that Olenna Tyrell was the person sitting nearest to Joffrey but I didn’t necessarily think she was the one who did it. I now know that she did but I still don’t know when occurred. I will have to re-watch the scene now that I know the who done it and try to figure out how she did it…Olenna is such an amusing character. Obviously she is just as scheming and manipulative as many of the other characters on the show but Diana Rigg has such a fantastic way of playing the character that she really seems like comic relief more than anything else. And comic relief is certainly one thing that “A Game of Thrones” needs.


As for Margery…As I suspected she is going to make a third move to become queen. After Renly and Joffrey it would seem that Tommen would be the best fit for her. The scene in which she visits him in his room at night was at the same time sweet and creepy. It was sweet because Tommen is such a kind boy who is innocent. It was creepy because it really did seem like Margery was a spider spinning a web.


Poor Tommen…It seems that everybody will want a piece of him. One of two things can happen with that young boy. He will become a totally puppet and will be destroyed and torn apart because there will be so many different puppet masters trying to pull the strings or he will harden and become mean. He seems like such a good kid but I don’t see how he can possibly avoid one of those two fates.


It goes without saying that Cersei would have reason to hate her brother Jaime after he raped her in last week’s episode (and it was a rape. Let’s make no mistake what forcing himself on her means). But that event was ignored. Was Cersei testing Jamie’s loyalty to her? Yes, but I don’t really know if it had anything to do with the rape. Instead it just seemed about Revenge for Joffrey’s death. To a certain extent I understand Cersei wanting to lash out and find justice for her dead son, but she isn’t interested in the truth. She wants to use her son’s death as an excuse to destroy people she doesn’t like…especially her brother.


And her brother…Oh, Tyrion…for some reason I believe that Tyrion will not be found guilty of Joffrey’s death. I actually don’t think he’ll be put to death himself. I don’t know why I think this. I should know better than to think that any character is safe but for some reason I just believe that this will not be Tyrion’s ultimate undoing.


I don’t know why I adore Brienne as much as I do but she is one of my favorite characters. She is an amazingly loyal woman. I get that in the world of Westeros her type of loyalty doesn’t fit. She is loyal to people not to houses. She was loyal to Renly and Catelyn Stark and now to Jamie. I thin the fact that she named her sword Oath keeper says everything about the kind of person Brienne is. Her happiness seems to lie in helping others and keeping her word. I hope that she is able to find Sansa so that she can have that fulfillment.


Up north is where the episode ended. Jon and the Knights Watch have to make a decision about what they are going to do to keep the Wildings from reaching and breaching the wall. Is it only a matter of time?


As awful as recent actions by the Wildings have been the true scary force north of the wall has always been the White Walkers. And last night we got to see a glimpse inside their world. We know boy babies have always been a target for the White Walkers but we haven’t known more than that. At the end of last night episode we saw a White Walker take a baby boy and turn him in a baby White Walker. This event left my husband speechless. This is the event that he didn’t see coming. The event that isn’t in the book.


As the episode ended he said…We aren’t in Kansas anymore because that scene was either made up or something shown in advance from the sixth book. Which one is it? I’m sure he’s already hit the message boards trying to figure it out. I for one I’m okay with it either way. As a viewer only I’m just along for the ride and what a ride this show is.


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