Game of Thrones…Season 4…Episode 3…Recap and thoughts

It’s very difficult for a television show to follow up a surprising and powerful episode. It’s impossible for every episode to operate and full throttle. Is it inevitable that a show will suffer a letdown? Those were my thoughts going into last night’s episode of “Game of Thrones”.

Last weeks’ episode which concluded with King Joffrey dying of poisoning at the “Purple Wedding” came as an utter shock to those of us who haven’t read the book. After such a thrilling and surprising episode all anybody can as is, what happens now?

Well, last night began to give us the answers.

I have gone from utterly hating Sansa Stark to feeling sorry for her. As the episode picked up where the last one left off we saw Sansa being lead out of King’s Landing. Is she being led to safety or into another horrible situation? What choice does she have? If she stays she will inevitably be blamed in some way for Joffrey’s murder and most likely be killed. If she wants to live then her only choice is to flee the capital with the man who says he will help her escape. But escape to who? As Sansa climbed the ladder onto a ship I feared who might be at the top waiting for her. I had mixed emotions when I saw that it was Littlefinger. That man is by no means somebody that Sansa should trust but give her choices he is by far the lesser to two evils. I want to believe that Littlefinger won’t hurt Sansa and will do what he can to protect her because he loved her mother so much. But it leads to another question of who will protect Sansa from him? I don’t hate Sansa anymore but I would still like to see her fight more.

As for the other Stark girl I am always intrigued to see what is going on with Arya. Arya is also in a situation where she still kind of at the Mercy of a man. While the hound technically isn’t out to hurt Arya his motives are completely self-serving. When a man and his daughter gave Arya and the Hound shelter and then he robbed them it was a reminder to the audience and the Arya that the Hound is, at best, somebody who isn’t out to hurt anybody but will if it helps him.

Back and King’s Landing the mystery and aftermath of Joffrey’s murder began to unfold. As I suspected Tywin didn’t waste a minute to begin to snatch up the new King Tommen and begin to work in manipulative ways on him. How deeply deplorable is it to go to your dead grandson’s body and basically snatch your other grandson away from his grieving mother  so that you can begin to process of shaping him into the king you want him to be.

I certainly don’t like Cersei but I did feel sorry for her for a before brief moment when her father takes her son away from her. She is wise enough to know what her father is doing but she is too broken hearted to try to stop him. Of course my sympathy of Cersei was short lived when she demanded that Jamie kill her brother. If I thought for a minute that Tyrion had killed Joffrey I could understand it but I don’t believe Tyrion did it. I also don’t really believe that Cersei truly believes it either. I think that Tyrion is the most obvious person to blame and that’s all she’s thinking of right now.

And Jamie…My husband told me that in the books Jamie and Cersei first see each other after Joffrey is dead and that Cersei willingly has sex with him. I am very intrigued and maybe a little confused that he show has made the decision to change that. It seemed like the show spent most of the third season softening Jamie, that softening only continued when his return to King’s landing and the first two episodes of this season. It was almost like this Jamie was no longer the man who had pushed Bran off the tower but the producers and writers made the decision to have Jamie rape his sister. It is an odd choice to make to soften a character then suddenly to make a change from the books to have him be less likeable again.

What happens with the Tyrells? It was clear despite having one gay husband stabbed through the heart and another monster husband die from poisoning that that family is not done making their play for power. When Olenna Tyrell told Margery “You did wonderful work on Joffrey. The next one will be easier.” I was left wonder what next one? Who the hell are they going to try to hook Margery up to next?

Oberyn Martell is a complete wild card. While he certainly had motive to kill Joffrey I don’t believe is responsible for that little monsters death. I believe that he will push his way into the gold with Twyin and the Lannisters only to make a play to bring them down from within….In the meantime I hope he gets to enjoy some for sexy group action.

I knew that Stannis would want to use Joffrey’s death to take another push at the Capital and the throne. But without and Army or money what choices does he have? I have no doubt that with the help of his king’s and he will find a way to give it all another go. A man who uses dark magic to kill his brother won’t give up so easily.

Up north Sam has to give up Gilly. It’s clear that he loves her but he knows they can’t be together. He always knows that one woman among a hundred men is asking for something awful to happen. I like how Sam has been given his own storyline and that he’s been allowed to shine outside of being Jon’s friend.

Much like Jamie Lanister being softened and then hardened again I feel like the same thing is happening with the Wildlings. It seemed like when Jon Snow was with them we were able to see that that aren’t this horrible thing that needs to be kept out by a wall. But once Ygritte had her heart broken by Jon Snow it seemed as though all bets were off with her actions and the softening of the wildings was over. With the introduction of the Thenn’s, their leader Styr and their savage cannibal ways it makes it understandable why people south of the wall would want to be protected from the wildings. It seems inevitable that the wildings will breach the wall. But what happens then. Not only is winter coming but it seems close at hand. If the wildings breach the wall will that also allow the White Walkers to walk the lands of Westeros?

And off to the east Daenerys Targaryen continues to collect her army. As she stood at the gates of Meereen it was quite impressive to see all of the men who are now loyal to her. It also impressive the way in which she has done it. She is an amazing leader and the authority to which she gave her speech shows that she has the authority; passion; leadership and heart to continue to be a great leader. I like her approach but one wonders how long it will take her to build an army that is big enough to make a play at the kingdom that should be hers…And as interesting as everything else is that does seem to be the biggest thing that we are waiting for. For Daenerys to make her big move.

Although it won’t happen next week I’m still look forward to Season four episode four.


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