A Game of Thrones…Season 4….Episode 2

Spoilers Galore….Spoilers Galore….Spoilers Galore….Spoilers Galore….Spoilers Galore….Spoilers Galore….Spoilers Galore


When I first started watching “Game of Thrones” I instantly hated Joffrey Baratheon. I even said to my husband “Who is this Draco Malfoy piece of shit?” Little did I know that Joffrey would turn out to be a hundred times worse than that awful little boy in the Harry Potter Series….But more of Joffrey later.


Last night’s episode of “Game of Thrones” was a reminder of why I love watching this show. It’s not that the season premier wasn’t excellent, it was, it’s just that this episode reminded you that in the world of Westeros anything can go. You never know what is going to happen and nobody, and I mean nobody, is safe.


Before I get to the main event of last night’s episode I think it’s important to mention a few mother things.


Last week after I posted my blog entry I realized that I had forgotten to mention Jon Snow. It wasn’t because I don’t like the character, I do, It was because there are just so many characters in this show and since half of my blog entry was devoted to my history with the show I simply forgot him….So here are my thoughts on the current situation of Jon Snow. I think that he is a man that is torn. He is torn between the vows that he took when he joined the nights watch, the love he has for his family and his feelings (possible love?) for Ygritte. Sometimes I think he can make some stupid decisions but I do think he has a good heart and one this snow that isn’t something you take for granted.


Back to last night’s episode…


When the show began it seemed as though Theon Greyjoy was a Stark in every way, except for name. In some ways Theon and Jon were in similar situations. While I always found Theon a gross and nasty womanizer I do think he loved the Starks, especially Rob. That is why his actions in season two were so awful. Having recently re-watched some of season two it would seem that Theon sold his soul to please a father that he could never please (but isn’t that also a theme with the Lannisters?) As awful as Theon’s actions were I felt that he more than got his kumuppins in season three. Last night’s episode just made me sad for him. Sometimes it’s better to die than to live with your soul and spirit broken. Last night’s Theon was nothing more than an animal that that had been trained and broken by his master. When he was informed of Rob’s death you saw that there was a touch of a human being left in him but between his own awful choices and the torture he has endured he and no choice than to just continue to survive moment by moment.


The actor that plays Bran Stark has completely aged out of his character. Even though he doesn’t stand up it’s hard to buy that that character is the same age as he was in seasons one and two. It is a young man’s face. I have to mention that but at the end of the day it was bound to happen. I wish shows would cast younger than the characters so that the actors can age into their roles rather than running into the issue of having a young man play a boy. With that being said the short sequence with Bran was amazing. I didn’t know what to make of it but it left me wanting more. I think I did gather that when Bran touched the tree he was able to see both the past and the future. He saw his own “accident” falling from the tower and saw that in the future eventually Daenerys and her dragons will arrive at the capitol. What I am at a loss with his how Bran’s journey will tie back into that of everybody else.


Stannis Baratheon’s actions have also been awful. His choice to murder his brother Renly in season two was clearly his point of no return. As awful that that decision was I don’t hate Stannis. In season three when we meet his daughter, Shireen, I softened on him. I find her an incredibly interesting and sad character. Then there Melisandre, I don’t know what to think of that evil bitch. I don’t like her but I do find her fascinating. Who knows what she’ll do in order to please her lord of light? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


Back to the main event, another Game of Thrones wedding…


As I mentioned in my previous blog my husband had gone to such length to make sure that I didn’t get spoiled on the Red Wedding last year that when I finally saw it I was underwhelmed.


Last night’s episode made me so glad that I have HBO and that I didn’t have to put forth any effort to not get spoiled on the Purple Wedding. I knew the royal wedding was called the Purple Wedding but I assumed that was a historical reference to the color purple being for royalty, boy was I wrong.


The events leading up to the wedding would have made a good episode on their own. I think it is understandable that Jaime Lannister is attempting to learn to fight with this left hand. It does seem like a futile attempt to hang onto his virility. It was very sad to see Tyrion have to destroy his relationship with Shae in order to save her. He know that his father and sister would destroy anything he cares about in an instant just to show him who is the boss so he had to treat Shae like a common whore in order to hurt her bad enough to make her leave the capital.

The scene between Brienne and Cersei was tension filled and left me wondering about a possible love triangle.

It was intriguing to watch the Tyrell’s at the royal wedding. The have seemed like such an ambitious and savvy family but as Margery sat at the wedding table it seemed that all of them were realizing that they had gotten themselves into a situation that was worse than any of them had envisioned.


Then there is Joffrey. I think Joffrey was a perfect example of how human beings can become absolute monsters when their power and egos don’t go unchecked. Throughout this wedding dinner Joffrey went out of his way to make everybody feel sad, awkward and humiliated. There wasn’t a stone left unturned in the little skit where the recent war was reenacted. Everybody except his awful mother and grandfather were left feeling at the very least uncomfortable.


As I mentioned last week I’m no fan of Sansa Stark but at a certain point you have to feel bad for her. She is the only member of the Stark family who actually saw Ned die and it just feels like she has to catch a break somehow or she will just collapse into a pile of despair. At the royal dinner Tyrion does his best to get her out of there but it ultimately is a fruitless attempt.


Poor Tyrion, he commands the capital during the battle of blackwater to defeat Stannis Baratheon in season two only to have his evil little nephew say his too weak to fight. Tyrion is the only member of the Lannister family who has tried to keep Joffrey in check and that is probably why Joffrey hated him so much.


I was in shock when Joffrey died last night. I certainly didn’t want him to live but I think that I never expected such an important “bad” character to die. I figured Joffrey would rule until Daenerys arrived in the last season to capture the kingdom with her dragons. As Joffrey died I couldn’t cheer, it was almost as if I didn’t believe it was actually going to happen. Doesn’t the show just kill the good people?


As great as it is to see that little monster die it was even better to watch Cersei’s reaction to it. Her entire life has been devoted to having Joffrey be king and now her little pride and joy is dead. I was left wishing that Joffrey was her only child. That way she would be left with nothing. She wouldn’t be Queen, she wouldn’t be Queen Regent, she’d be nothing. Of course Joffrey wasn’t her only child. I wonder what will happen now that her other son, Tommen, is king.


Even more than the Red Wedding I feel like the Purple Wedding is a game changer. How will Tommen Baratheon rule? Will the Lannister’s work to turn him into a new monster? Will anybody ever find out he was not Robert’s son? Will Joffrey’s death serve as the opportunity Stannis needs to make another run at the capital? What will happen to Tyrion now that he’s accused of killing the king?


What I do know is I am so glad I watch this show and I am so glad I wasn’t spoiled before I saw the episode. I also known I’ll have to watch the Royal Wedding dinner again to begin to try figure out who actually poisoned Joffrey (I don’t believe Tyrion handed him that goblet knowing there was poison in it.


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