The Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles

No matter where you live it’s very easy to get bogged down in day to day life. I often fantasize about moving to Madrid, or Barcelona and Paris, and in those fantasizes life is a beautiful, romantic European adventure. But twenty years ago I was a teenage gay boy living in the mountains of Colorado and I fantasized about living in Los Angeles; funny how in life one fantasy is replaced by another.

Fantasizes are good things to have but it’s always important to appreciate where you live. Despite its awful traffic and smog I do love Los Angeles. For 2014 my husband and I have decided to explore the various districts of downtown Los Angeles as if we were tourists and discover out city through different eyes.

The year got off to a crazy start so today was our first adventure. We have decided to hit all of the different distracts of Downtown in alphabetical order so we started today with the Arts District. We began our journey by boarding the Metro Rail’s Expo line in Culver City.


I love this train. It makes Los Angeles feel so much more European and Cosmopolitan. We took the train into Downtown Los Angeles at the 7th Street Metro Station, before boarding the Metro Red Line.

Of all of the train lines of Los Angeles Metro Rail the Red Line is the one that is always the most crowded. When I ride the Red Line it makes me happy to see so many Angelinos riding the train. It proves that if you build it the riders will come.


After taking the Red Line to the end at Union Station we had one more transfer to the Metro Gold Line. We only rode the Gold Line for one stop. We were both amused as the Gold Line train crossed above the 101 freeway. Image

Seeing the bumper to bumper traffic we were both happy that we were riding a train instead of sitting in awful traffic, wasting gas and polluting the air.


After exiting the Metro Gold Line at the Little Tokyo stop we walked into the Arts District. It is a small area of Downtown that is up and coming. It is filled with warehouses that are being converted into lofts.


We had lunch at one of our favorite local chains called Urth Café. I had been to the locations in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills but I think this was my favorite location. It wasn’t as compact and crowded as the other two. My husband and I both enjoyed their delicious curry sandwiches. I also enjoyed a bowl of the yummy vegetarian chili and an ice blended Spanish Latte Granita.


After out lunch was over we walked around the rest of the Arts District. Image

There was some interesting urban art on the side of some of the buildings. Image

I can see the appeal of the Arts District for the young hipster type but it’s still a little too run down for my tastes.Image

After we were done walking around the Arts District we headed back towards the train. We walked to various other parts of Downtown LA that left us looking forward to our next downtown adventure.


Although the Arts District is still a little run down it is visiting just for Urth Café. I may return there one day after work to write in the future.

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2 thoughts on “The Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles

  1. Love the introduction. I also had a lot of dreams of mine, but I always make the best out of where I live. Nice to read about your train ride after reading your La Sagrada post. I, me, wouldn’t mind riding the public transportation in Spain but I totally understand why you wouldn’t. It’s not as bad as LA when it comes to pick pocketting? Italy is worst when it comes to that. The graffiti pic is whoasome! 😀 I’ve been to California for three years now, I think it’s about time for me to visit the “glitters” of Hollywood.

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