“Elle s’ ne va” or “On my way”


I took five years of French in middle school and high school. My trip to Paris two years ago was a dream come true and I adore croissants. Obviously, I have a soft spot for French language and French culture.


Last week I had been feeling a little antsy because I hadn’t gone to see a movie in the theatre in about a month. I saw that an artsy theatre about a mile and a half from my apartment was showing a French movie called “Elle s’ ne va”. I had not heard of the film before but I am always interested in seeing anything that is in French so I checked to see what the movie was about. When I saw that “Elle s’ ne va” or “On My Way” starred Academy Award Nominee and film legend Catherine Deneuve I was sold even without finding out anything more about the plot.


The film is about a French woman in her sixties who lives in a small little town and owns a restaurant. When she finds out her longtime lover has left his wife for a woman who is not her she hops in her car and just starts driving. Along the way she ends up caring for her grandson who she hasn’t seen in several years.


The film is a simple character piece but it is entertaining. The film has interesting insights in the laizze faire attitude of the French when it comes to sexual relationships outside of marriage. The movie also reminds you that no matter how beautiful you are you will age.


Catherine Deneuve was a truly breathtaking woman in the film she made in the 1960s. Although nobody can look at 70 the way they did when they were 20 or even 40 Deneuve still looks amazing. If she has had plastic surgery it is the kind that allows her to look good for her age and not like a woman desperately trying to regain something by being pulled to oblivion.


The film and Deneuve’s performance are both nice, simple and airy. It’s not the kind of film that is going to stick with her for years to come and Deneuve won’t pull off a second Oscar nomination for this but it’s still worth seeing. I always enjoy a film that gives the lead role to an actress over forty; it’s just a shame that this film from France may be one of the few that I see with that distinction this year.


If you like Catherine Deneuve, French films, foreign films in general or a woman that gives a lead role to an older actress be sure to check out  “Elle s’ ne va” a.k.a. “On my way” if you are lucky enough to have it come to a theatre near you.


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