Living life in Color

It is so important to find joy in your everyday life. However, that is something that is often easier said than done. It often seems like the only joy I find during my everyday life is my thirty minutes of doing cardio at the gym. This truly makes me feel great, it makes me feel alive.


What often keeps me going through the daily grind is my passion for traveling. I have been so blessed over the last five years to see more of the world than I had in my previous thirty-one years. In the summer of 2009 when I stepped foot on the island of Maui it was like something opened up inside of me. Traveling and seeing new places creates new pathways in your mind. No longer are places just things you’ve seen in books and the internet they are real places, they are places you’ve seen with your own eyes and experienced in the flesh. They become a part of your soul.


I don’t mean to say my daily life is depressing but I feel like traveling is like the difference between black and white Kansas and the wonderful colorful word of Oz.


 I have been planning and training for my next big adventure since last August. At the gym I’ve only done the treadmill at an incline, hoping to prepare for the hiking I will meet when my and my sixty-year old mother will encounter when we do the Machu Picchu trail in June. I have also been working harder to somehow get a grasp of Spanish.


My mom and I booked our tour back in January. Yesterday I booked our hotel in Lima for overnight stay on the way to Cuzco. Our trip is still three months away. As I get ready to face another day at work it helps me keep going. This afternoon when I listen to my Spanish lessons while I climb the treadmill it will motivate me. I can’t wait to leave my black and white life behind for a week and two days and live life in full and bright color.


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