Balancing passions

It’s so difficult to balance things in life. I spent thirty minutes editing my new novel. I felt really positive about the work that I did but at the end of the day I only went over ten pages. In a book that is over three hundred pages that is just a drop in the bucket. I also spent forty minutes going Rosetta Stone for Spanish for my upcoming trip to Peru. I feel very lucky that I have the ability to write and see the world. However, there are times I wonder if by focusing on both I’m short changing both.


One thought on “Balancing passions

  1. Jeremy

    You and I both know you are short changing travel and writing as you focus your time between the two but what a blessing it is to do what you love to do. It is note worthy that I have been a part time student for seven years balancing family, work, and school. But I love my studies in photograph and graphic design however; I know I should focus on one or another.

    This very thing is what I have based my future work on; people that are doing what they love to do. How many other things do you have interest in? You have limited yourself to the two greatest. I understand this inner conflict and struggle based on time and your love. I say do them both as best as you can and enjoy the greatest values life has to offer.

    Value is often not recognized in tell it is too late. An example of this is demonstrated through the tale of the Storm King Mountain fire that scorched many acres of land near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. In 1994 fourteen wild land firefighters lost their lives trying to suppress that blaze. Nine of those firefighters were of a hot shot crew from Oregon. In a public memorial Oregon’s Governor Barbra Roberts gave her testament of her husband Frank’s wisdom; from his deathbed he said, “We only have two assets in Life, love and time. Lives are measured by how we spend our time and our love.” ~John Mclean, Fire on the Mountain~

    Jeremy, I envy the life you have created and I am very proud of you. I cannot wait to read your books.

    Your cousin
    Shane Gregory Calhoun

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