Five Final Oscar Thoughts

  1. Amy Adams has earned an impressive five Oscar nominations in nine years. However, time is not on her side. Despite Cate Blanchett’s win it’s still not the norm for a woman to win an Oscar after the age of 40.
  2. American Hustle had a brief peak. Ten nominations is impressive but not winning a single one shows that there was actually little long term support for the movie.
  3. The Oscar clip for Sandra Bullock showcased how undeserving her performance was of an Oscar nomination. Gravity was just a thriller.
  4. People’s reaction to Matthew McConaughey’s speech is interesting. It’s his moment, he can say whatever he wants,  what they should be upset about was that he won a all.
  5. Steve McQueen made history as the first black man or woman to win a Best Picture Oscar. I predict that at some point he’ll also be the first to win a Best Director Oscar as well.

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